MTX Mototrax is a Motocross videogame made by Left Field Productions and published by Activision for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox in 2004. It was released for the PC later that year. The PC version was developed and published by Aspyr. It was released in 2006 for the PlayStation Portable. The game was also set for release for the GameCube console in 2004 but was later canceled. It was also planned to be released for the Tapwave Zodiac, but that was canceled as well when Tapwave went out of business.


Pro Riders

Team Big Bird

Unlockable Originals

  • Maggot
  • Speed Demon
  • Officer Dick
  • Trickbot



  • Los Angeles
  • Minneapolis
  • Daytona
  • Atlanta
  • Phoenix
  • San Francisco
  • Denver


  • Woodbridge
  • Ukraine
  • karkasna


  • Neuk route
  • Everglades
  • Rock Quarry
  • Redwoods

Freestyle Competitions


Vocal Tracks

Instrumental Tracks

  • Dope - "Bitch"
  • Dope - "Burn"
  • Dope - "Falling Away"
  • Dope - "Motivation"
  • Dope - "So Low"
  • God Forbid - "Better Days"
  • Ill Niño - "Cleasing"
  • Ill Niño - "Rebirth"
  • Ill Niño - "Te Amo (I Hate you)"
  • Ill Niño - "Two (Vaya Con Dios)"
  • Ill Niño - "When it Cuts"
  • Prototype - "Probe"
  • Slipknot - "The Heretic Anthem"pt:MTX Mototrax

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