• Click the bathtub, then click your body twice. Click your head to attack yourself to the body.
  • You may speak with the rodent to learn that you need to find a doll. To collect it, extend your body, grab the toll, and give it to the rodent. You will receive your leg.
  • Walk to the spool, and get the string.
  • Get the magnet, and attack it to the string.
  • Walk over to the pole, and push it. Toss the string to the pole, to collect your arm.


  • Get the traffic cone, and toss the other cones to the side. get the blue paint.
  • Dump the blue paint in the white paint bucket, and dip the cone in as well.
  • Climb the lamp on the left. Move the rungs upward as you climb. At the top, collect the lamp.
  • Extend, and pull the cord to call the guard and lower the bridge.

Lower door

  • Lower your body, and turn the dials on the right to A2. Click the button.
  • Climb the stairs. Get the hook and attach it to the railing.
  • Raise your body, jump up, and shimmy to the right. Get the spike.
  • Place the spike on the outer rail, and push the railing to call a cart. Use the derailed cart to get wheels and clibm on them. Push the railing again to enter the reactor room.

Reactor room

  • Press red button to open the panel.
  • Get the key from the right hand side.
  • set the panel to first cycle, then collect, then cycle.
  • Press the button, bring your body to normal size, and enter the cart.
  • When you are pulled up, click on the left platform.
  • Use the key to unlock the left panel. Rewire the blue connection, and jump back down.
  • Press the button again, and exit through the large upper pipe.


  • Get the grass on the pipe. Cook it on the light on the left.
  • Get the toilet paper, combine it with the grass, and give it to the other prisoner.
  • Use the arm in the hold on the left, then extend the arm through the far hole. Grab the shelf and shake it to get the broom.
  • Hit the pipe twice to detach the handle. Link it to the broom, and unscrew the floor plate.

Prison - Guard room

  • Unscrew the floor panel with the broom.
  • When the guard tips back, push the chair.
  • While the guard is down, get the bullets from the plate.
  • When the guard is at the target, grab his key, and scatter bullets next to the lock.
  • Use the key on the left lock.
  • You may now exit the room via the upper door.

Prison - Completion

  • In the upper floor. flick the light switch. Note the revealed time, 4:45.
  • return to the prison section.
  • In the left door, enter 4:45 in the keypad.
    • Left room puzzle combination: Lower CCW. Up-right CW*2, Up-left CW, Lower CCW, Up-right CCW, Lower CW, Up-Left CCW*2
  • In the middle room, get the plunger.

Outside - ground floor

  • Push the two crates to the left - click on them twice.
  • Go to the control panel. Clock yellow arrow, then two red arrows, three yellow arrows, three red, and continue until you get all arrows in position. Pull the lever to get one crate out of the way.
  • Push the crate to the right.
  • climb the ladder and in the control booth, press the right button 4 times, then the green arrow button. Click the red oul button, the climb down.
  • Use the plunger gun at the dog. Bring it to the woman to get the umbrella
  • Use the umbrella to get through the waterfall, and climb up the steps.

City - band

  • Enter the bar to the right.
  • Get the fly trap.
  • Speak with the robot at the table, and play Five-in-a-row. This AI is weak against building a diagonal grid, but as a weak AI, it can miss other tricks as well. When it is defeated, it will scatter some screws around, which you can give to the band member to first band member.
  • Exit the bar, and use the fly trap on the flies near the sewage drain.
  • Enter the bar, and release the flies.
  • Drag the barrel outside.
  • Give the five screws to the saxophonist. You can now collect the plant.
  • Nothing else to do right now - climb up the stairs.

City - Plaza

  • Take the handle at the bottom of the plaza. Place it in the hole near the clock.
  • The three signs:
    • Infinity sign: Inner arrow is at the top, at the two-facing triangles, or in the circle with a dot. Outer arrow is at VII
    • Lunar sign: Inner arrow at Pi, The Branching path, or squiggly. Outer is at IX.
    • Star sign: Squiggly, at VI. The crossed out entry does nothing visible.
  • Set the clock to squiggly VI, and enter the right-hand stairs. Get the microphone.
  • Speak with the old man to get an oil can. Get two drops from the bridge outside the city. Return to the old man to get unto the maintenance area. He also asks for sunflower oil as well.

City - Arcade

  • Open the electrical panel. Try to solve the puzzle, but a piece falls out ans is eaten by the bird.
  • Head to the left near the arcade. Raise and lower your body until the wire snaps.
  • Tie the wire to the fence.
  • Climb the robot, and unplug the tool. Pull the loose wire.
  • Climb the robot again, and pull the cat's tail. When it reaches the fence, cut the power, and get the cat. Bring it to the musicians outside the bar. Collect the radio, combine it with the microphone.

City - water works

  • At the maze of pipes, get the hook.
  • Open the drawer to the right to read the book - the final page has a red wrench.
  • Head to the drain, and get the second wrench.
  • At the maze of pipes, put two wrenches on the left two in the upper row, and the second slot in the lower row.
  • Plug in the radio to the right. Ask the wrench to flood the lower portion of the room.
  • Return to the plaza, and jump in to reach the outer-wall lift.

Outer wall

  • Press the button.
  • Check the window.
  • Have the lady remove the pot and place it on the floor. Open the cabinet, and place the corn on the hot plate.
  • get the stick and put it in the window.
  • Climb up, dislodge the bent, and get the frozen hose.
  • Put the hose in the pot.
  • Attach the hose to the oil. This will fuel the lift. Pull the ignition to start the lift.
  • Solve the four-knights puzzle on the control panel. This is easily solved by moving all the sliders one step clockwise, and repeating the movement three more times.
  • Tap the fan to waken it. When it asks the questions, get the wrong answers to anger it. When it is too angry, it will launch the fan, allowing you to enter the greenhouse.


  • Power Panel puzzle:
    1. Trivially solved - pick an outer corner, and spiral inward.
    2. Start at bottom row, 4th column
    3. Start at second or fourth row, right column. Approach the upper or lower row first.
    4. Start at fourth row, first column. Head down first.
    5. Start at second row, second column. First more up, followed by left.
    6. Start at middle row, second column. First move down, then left.
  • Use the growth laser on the right plant. Get the stick holding it up. and use it to hold open the plant's mouth. Get the glass that's inside, and use it on the projector.
  • In slide set 1, you can find the combination to the door.
  • Place the plant in the empty flower pot, and use the growth laser on it. Shake the plant for the seeds.
  • Open the outer door. On each wing, light the inner three dots, and the two dots at the corner.

Outside greenhouse

  • Place the oil can under the seed crusher.
  • Place the seeds in the crusher, crush them, and get the can.
  • Return to the plaza, and give the can to the old man. You get the bandage, and arcade ticket.


File:Machinarium blocks.jpg
  • Power the arcade machines by using the bicycle machine on the left. You can only charge machines #1 and #2.
  • Complete arcade game #1. This is space invaders, although the enemies don't speed up rapidly as you eliminate them. You need to score 1000 points to win, and you can use the keyboard to play.
  • Complete arcade game #2. This is a block puzzle game, where you can push blocks by being inside them. There are five levels, and you need to get the small red block inside the large red block to unlock the exit.
  • Completing both games will dispense two coins. At the plaza, purchase two batteries with the coins. Wrap them with the bandage.
  • Return to the elevator, and give the battery to the large cop.


  • Scrape dirt onto the floor.
  • Get the vacuum.
  • Put the light plug into the elevator panel, and draw a 5-pointed star (learned if you push the branch to the side).


  • Head to the left, push the switch down to bring the vacuum to the washroom.
  • Head to the right, climb the vacuum and get the scissors.
  • Head to the left, push the switch up to place the vacuum under the light.
  • Toggle the power on the right.
  • Climb the vacuum, cut the cable.
  • Turn the power back on.
  • Have the vacuum re-enter the bathroom. Follow it.
  • Attach the hook to the vacuum, then to the toilet.
  • Pull the vacuum forward to detach the toilet.
  • Use the paper dispenser to reach the bomb.
  • To disarm, follow the wires from the top to bottom, and place the correct fuse in each slot as marked on the right The disarm code is DBEAC.
  • You can now reach the control room at the top.


File:Machinarium snake.jpg
  • Open the left cabinet. You need to solve two snake puzzles to unlock it.
  • Get the cable. Attach it to the central robot.
  • In the maze mini-game, head right at the first junction, then left and down. This leads to the key, which allows you to unlock the weapon.
  • When you defeat all enemies, the robot will direct you to the basement, describing the eight-pointed star.


  • Use the hammer to smash the window and get the key.
  • Use the key in the elevator to get a freeze spray.
  • Freeze the padlock under the trap door.
  • Smash the lock.


  • In the control room, use the radio (the device with the orange screen) to locate frequency 7.0 : 108. Memorize the song. If you cannot hear the song, you can still get the code by heading outside, and using the walkthrough button to obtain the code.
  • Head outside. Enter the same song on the left panel - 1423523.
  • Have the girl rotate the handle to lock the steps in place.
  • Board the helicopter to complete the game.

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