Madagascar is a video game of the action-adventure genre released in 2005 by Toys for Bob. The game is based on the animated movie of the same name. Madagascar: Operation Penguin was next to be released on the Game Boy Advance.


It is about a group of animals named Alex, Marty, Melman, and Gloria. The game begins on Marty's 10th birthday. They get locked in crates, but they fall in the ocean. They land on Madagascar, a small island in Africa. They work with lemurs to try and escape. Melman helps Mort in destroying wormholes using Coconuts and, later, Durians. Later in the game, Alex goes crazy and tries to eat Mort, but his friends escape and they repair the beacon that was burnt down earlier. Marty then goes for Alex, meeting an old adversary on the way, an alligator who fought him earlier. He takes Mort and Marty follows. Once Marty beats him in a race, He gives Mort Back and leaves the scene. Meanwhile, Alex has come face to face with the Foosa king and his Foosa men. The Foosa king wasn't in the film. Alex uses his claws to defeat the Foosa and he battles the Foosa king, who eats Durians, gaining him a lethal breath. After defeating him by hitting him with Mangoes, The Foosa king continues to battle Alex, who defeats him again, by hitting him with his claws when his back is blue. Marty then enters through the roof. King Julian then lets the group leave Madagascar on a boat.

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