• Adema - "Unstable"
  • AFI - "The Leaving Song, Part II"
  • Alien Ant Farm - "These Days"
  • AM Radio - "Taken for a Ride"
  • Avenged Sevenfold - "Chapter Four"
  • blink-182 - "Action" (NOTE: The final version of the song is actually titled "Feeling This." When the song was submitted to EA, the album which the song appeared on was not finalized, and the name was changed before it was released. The final version of the song features the "Let's get ready for action!" Captain America quote during the intro and the first instance of the lyric of "I love all the things you do" in Action was replaced with "I want to take off her clothes.")
  • Bone Crusher - "Never Scared (Madden Remix)"
  • Bubba Sparxxx - "Back in the Mud"
  • Gob - "Give Up the Grudge"
  • Jet - "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?"
  • Joe Budden - "Pump It Up"
  • Killer Mike - "Akshon (Yeah!) (Madden Remix)"
  • Nappy Roots - "Roun' the Globe"
  • OutKast - "Church"
  • Red Cafe - "May I (Madden Remix)"
  • Serafin - "Day by Day"
  • SOiL - "Pride"
  • The Federation - "Mayhem (Madden Remix)"
  • The Roots - "Rock You (Madden Remix)"
  • Thrice - "All That's Left"
  • Unloco - "Crashing"
  • Yellowcard - "Way Away""

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