Mafia II is a third-person action-adventure video game, the sequel to Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven. It is developed by 2K Czech, previously known as Illusion Softworks, and is published by 2K Games.[1] Originally announced in August 2007 at the Leipzig Games Convention, it was released on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows in August 2010.[2][3]


The game is set from 1943 to 1951 in Empire Bay (the name is a reference to New York's state nickname "The Empire State") a fictional city based on New York City, with influences from Chicago and Detroit.[4][5] The game features a completely open-ended game map of 10 square miles. No restrictions are included from the start of the game.[6] There are 30-40 vehicles in the game (45 with DLC) as well as licensed music from the era.[7]

Many firearms from the previous return, such as the Thompson submachine gun (The Tommy gun), the Colt 1911 and a pump-action shotgun. New WWII-era weapons like the MP 40, the M3 submachine gun, the MG 42 and the Beretta Model 38 also appear in the game.

Interacting with objects in the environment involves two action buttons- a standard action and a "violent" action (for example, when stealing a car, the player may choose to either pick its lock or break the window glass), used in context-sensitive situations. A map is included as in the original Mafia game. The checkpoint system has been completely overhauled.[8] New controls include a cover system that allows the player to hide behind objects (such as generators, walls and large crates) to shoot enemies, rather than just using a crouch while behind an object.

It has been stated by 2K Czech that the game's cutscenes are created by the game engine, in real-time, rather than pre-rendered cutscenes.For, Example if you are riding in a car and a cutscene starts you will be driving the same car and if you have damaged the car that will appear in the cutscene.[9]

The game has three different in game radio stations, Empire Central Radio, Empire Classic Radio and Delta Radio, with licensed music, news, and commercials. The radio stations includes music from different genres including rock and roll, big band, rhythm and blues, doo-wop, among others with licensed songs by Chuck Berry, The Everly Brothers, Dean Martin, Little Richard, Muddy Waters, Buddy Holly & The Crickets, Bing Crosby, Bill Haley & His Comets, The Chordettes, Bo Diddley, Rick Nelson, Eddie Cochran, The Champs, The Drifters, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, The Andrew Sisters, among others.


Mafia II is a gritty drama which chronicles the rise of World War II veteran Vito Scaletta, the son of Sicilian immigrants. As the game progresses, Vito will work with 3 different families the Clemente, Falcone, and Vinci crime families and eventually rise to become a made man. There are 15 chapters in the game, integrated into one storyline.

The game contains two hours of in-game cutscenes. The original game, Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven, had a screenplay of 400 pages, compared to the 700 pages of the sequel. Daniel Vávra, the writer and director of the original and the sequel, discussed the new angle of the game stating: "The old game was a tribute to gangster films, a romantic vision. Mafia II is grittier, real, a darker world, and the effects are based in reality." Official PlayStation Magazine states: "A high body count is still promised in this tale set in a fictional city 'inspired by' New York of the 1940s and '50s, but those casualties will come the hard way — through small-scale operations rather than mass firefights."

Reference to Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven

In the original game the main protagonist Thomas Angelo is shown to be gunned down at the end of the game in front of his house. It is revealed in Chapter 14: Stairway to Heaven in Mafia 2 that Vito and Joe are the two who "whack" him. This is further proven by the use of exactly the same red car in both cases and nearly identical cut scenes, although the dialogue used is the same from the original scene. The cut scene uses the same voice actor for Thomas Angelo as in the original game, Mike Sorvino.[citation needed]

Marketing and release

Template:VG Requirements A promotional trailer was released for the game in August 2007. The first scene occurs in a low-key restaurant where Luca Gurino (a caporegime in the Clemente family), is having dinner with Henry Tomasino (a soldier for the Clemente family), Joe Barbaro and Vito Scaletta, the main character. After some small talk, Luca asks Vito if he is against killing "human animals". Then follows a montage of clips from the game's cutscenes and gameplay. The next scene takes place in a warehouse. A man is crawling on the floor, begging for his life. Henry fires his gun at the man and the scene ends. The last scene is a reference to the film Goodfellas; the three gangsters (Joe, Vito and Eddie Scarpa) are in a car, driving to a suitable place to dispose of a body. The song "Oh Marie" by Louis Prima is featured in the trailer.

A second trailer was released on the Spike VGA show on the 14 December 2008.[10] The first part of the trailer occurs in one of Empire Bay's churches and features Vito with his mother. It is followed by a montage of gameplay and cutscenes that feature scenes of Vito being welcomed by Joe and parts of several shoot-outs and pursuits. The song "Long Tall Sally" by Little Richard is featured in the trailer. An extended version of the trailer was released on 15 January with an extra 30 seconds of cutscene footage. Vito is shown leaving the church alongside his mother; who he drops off in a taxi. Then, a car carrying Henry, Joe, and Eddie pick up Vito and they drive off, laughing.[11]

The first gameplay footage to be publicly aired was debuted on GameSpot on 17 April 2009 as part of an interview with Mafia II's producer, Denby Grace.[12] The video shows driving and gunplay aspects to gameplay as well as portraying the physics engine. The interview was later removed.

A third trailer was uploaded to the website on 28 May 2009. It shows Vito, Joe and Henry discussing a hit contract and the mission following. This trailer is darker and more gritty than the previous videos. It is meant to portray the darker side of Mafia life. At the end of the trailer, the target of the contract is shown begging for his life with a gun pointed to his head, his fate is left unknown.

From 1 June 2009, four short videos are to be added to the Mafia II website. The first of these is called "The Art Of Persuasion" and features the song "Mercy, Mr Percy" by the female singer Varetta Dillard.

Another video was released featuring footage from the mission "The Buzzsaw". The video reveals the fate of "The Fat Man" who appeared in the earlier trailers.[13]

On 27 March 2010, a new trailer was released showcasing the PhysX-based cloth and physics system used in the game.[14]

On 3 August 2010, Sheridyn Fisher, the face of Playboy Swim 2010, became the official ambassador for Mafia II. Sheridyn’s involvement with Mafia II highlights the agreement between 2K Games and Playboy magazine to use 50 of their vintage covers and Centerfolds in Mafia II as part of the in-game collectibles integration.[15]

A demo for the game was released on 10 August 2010 on Steam, Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network.[16]

Pre-order bonuses

On 26 May 2010 four content packs were offered as pre-order bonus in the U.S., each one available through different retailers. The Vegas Pack containing two additional cars and suits for Vito and the War Hero Pack containing two military-style vehicles and suits was available from GameStop and EBGames. The Renegade Pack containing two sports cars and two jackets was available from Amazon and the Greaser Pack featuring two hot-rods and two suits was available to Best Buy customers.[17]

Collectors edition

On 26 May 2010 a collector's edition was announced for Mafia II.[18]

The collector's edition would include the following items:

  • Collectible steelbook casing: a brushed metallic steelbook hard case with debossed logo containing two pieces of art featuring Vito and Joe, the stars of Mafia II.
  • Made Man Pack: Free access to in-game downloadable pack that lets players get behind the wheel of two different luxury automobiles modelled on cars from the period. In addition, Vito gets two new "made man" suits, including a vintage tuxedo.
  • Hardcover art book: A 100-page photo album-style art book that explains the artistic design process of the game.
  • Mafia II Orchestral Score: Mafia II score recorded by the Prague FILMharmonic Orchestra.
  • Map of Empire Bay

PlayStation 3 version controversy

The PlayStation 3 version became subject to controversy on 2K's Mafia II forums when 2K's interactive marketing manager Elizabeth Tobey stated that the PlayStation 3 version would be missing certain graphical details that were present in the PC and Xbox 360 versions including three dimensional grass, pools of blood forming under dead bodies and realistic cloth physics.[19] These details were said to be present in earlier builds of the game, but had to be removed to increase the game's frame rate.

Upon release the PS3 version received the same or higher review scores than the Xbox version from Destructoid and Nowgamer (sites that review the game on multiple platforms rather than the normal practice of reviewing a single platform) due to additional content.[20][21] and also the Metacritic rating places both version on the same score of 74/100.[22][23] although the GameRankings review aggregator has the Xbox version 4 points ahead of the PS3 version based on more reviews.[24][25]


Aggregate scores
Aggregator Score
GameRankings PC: 74.82%[26]

360: 76.28%[24]
PS3: 72.23%[25]

Metacritic PC: 79/100[27]

360: 74/100[22]
PS3: 74/100[23]

Review scores
Publication Score B[28]
Edge 6/10[29]
Eurogamer 4/10[30]
GamePro Star fullStar full.svgStar full.svgStar half.svgStar empty.svg[31]
GameSpot 8.5/10[32]
GamesTM 8/10[33]
IGN 7.0/10[34]
Official Xbox Magazine 7/10[35]
PC Gamer UK 78%[36]

Mafia II has received mixed to positive reviews. IGN gave the game 7/10, saying "Mafia II is a solid little game that’ll give you a fun ride – just don’t expect the world." On the other hand IGN AU gave it a 8.0/10 and said that Mafia II is "A deeply flawed game, where the story is the highlight - and far more engaging than most. I certainly enjoyed my 11-12 hours with Mafia II, and those looking for an authentic-feeling mob tale should definitely check it out. This one is more than the sum of its parts." GameSpot gave it 8.5 and stated "Mafia II's exciting action and uncompromising mob story make for an impressive and violent adventure." Game Informer gave it a 9.0/10 and said "In an era when video games are moving away from relying on cinematics for storytelling, Mafia II draws on the rich mobster film history to weave a gripping drama about family, friendship, loyalty, betrayal, and pragmatism." Cynamite stated that "Even though it couldn't quite hold up to our expectations, Mafia 2 is a great game which is driven by the narrative." and awarded the game a 9/10. GameTrailers awarded Mafia II a 7.7/10. The most negative review came from Eurogamer who gave the game a 4/10 and said that "Mafia II gets the last word by destroying the myth that the mafia is interesting at all. It contends that the mob world is a hell of boredom populated by aggressively stupid automatons. These drones wake up each morning, carry out a series of repetitious tasks, and return home." The Onion A.V. Club gave the game a D+, praising the game's attention to detail but criticizing that "aging gameplay mechanics and weak plot turns make the game’s magic peel away faster than a bank-job getaway car."

Downloadable content

Two downloadable content packs have been announced for the game. The first, titled "The Betrayal of Jimmy" is a PlayStation 3 exclusive DLC episode which will be a free download upon release to users who purchase the game new. This was announced by Sony on 15 June 2010 at E3 2010.[37]

In "The Betrayal of Jimmy", the player controls Jimmy and unlocks new city-based challenges ranging from assassinations to timed vehicle based missions that include shootouts, car chases, and explosions. The Betrayal of Jimmy will also feature arcade-style gameplay, allowing the ability to replay missions, hone skills, and post scores to the Mafia II leaderboards.

The second instalment of downloadable content, "Jimmy's Vendetta", was released on PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Marketplace, and Steam on 7 September.[38] It offers arcade-style gameplay along with new missions and leaderboard competition. In "Jimmy's Vendetta," the player controls Jimmy and helps him clean up messes around Empire Bay as he seeks vengeance on the people who sold him out and got him put in prison. In addition, "Jimmy's Vendetta" comes with new achievements and trophies.

2K games has announced another dlc pack entitled "Joe's Adventures" to be released later on this year. The price and release date is still to be determined.



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