Magi-Nation is a role-playing game released for the Game Boy Color as a tie-in to the Magi-Nation Duel trading card game.

The game features summonable monsters known as "dream creatures", which are drawn out using the wielder's own energy. As such, HP and MP are in fact a single stat called "energy". The creatures use their own energy in both attack and defense in turn. A player can control up to four creatures at once and may carry ten with them. They are summoned through rings made out of animite, the concentrated energy left behind by defeated creatures.

The game follows Tony Jones, a teenager from our world, who is caught in a cave-in and ends up in a strange land. He is thought to be a figure from local legends known as the Great Magus Kyros, who was prophesize to save the world. In this capacity, Tony fights the Shadow Magi and curbs their Shadow Geyser project, though in reality Tony simply wishes to go home.