The Magnavox Odyssey 200 is a 1975 home Pong console developed by Magnavox. It is the successor of the Magnavox Odyssey 100, and the second system in the Magnavox Odyssey X00 series.


The Magnavox Odyssey 200 features an identical design to the previous system, the Odyssey 100, providing the same controls and score slider, but with a silver body. The Odyssey 200 features three games, Hockey, Tennis, and Smash, that can be played by two or four players. The in game paddles are controlled by three knobs located on each side of the console, two knobs move the paddles vertically and horizontally, and the third affects the balls direction. The score is kept manually with a score slider built onto the console, the highest possible score being fifteen.


The Magnavox Odyssey 200 can be powered by six "C" batteries, or via a 9-volt AC adapter.

The Magnavox Odyssey 200 only had five functions: auto serve, manual serve, ball speed control, ball angle control and player size control.

Reception and Legacy

The Magnavox Odyssey 400, released in 1976, is an update of this system with all the same features and games plus a dedicated chip for digital on-screen scoring instead of the sliding manual scoreboard found on the Magnavox Odyssey 200.