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The Magnavox Odyssey 300 is a 1976 home Pong console developed by Magnavox. The Odyssey 300 is the successor of the Odyssey 200, and the third system in the Odyssey X00 series of consoles.


The Odyssey 300 features 3 variations of Pong: Hockey, Tennis, and Smash; each can be played on 3 difficulty settings: novice, intermediate, and expert. The in-game paddles are controlled by a single knob located on each side of the console, that control the paddles movement vertically, ergo, up and down. All three games are two-player, with the right knob reading Home Team, and the left reading Visiting Team. The Odyssey 300, unlike it's two predecessors, features a built in scoring system instead of a score slider built onto the console.


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