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A small hot rock with few resources, Maitrum is used by the turian armed forces for its maximum security prison and interrogation centers. The temperatures are high enough to prevent escape without an environmental suit, but low enough that construction of additional buildings will not be hindered.

Over 500,000 prisoners are detained on Maitrum, only a handful of which will have ever managed even a temporary escape. A small supply economy and prefab-habitats support the prison staff, who usually wok only for two-year tours of duty before they are rotated out to less stressful positions.

Facts about "Maitrum"RDF feed
Atmospheric PressureTrace +
DisplayNameMaitrum +
ElementLore +
GamesMass Effect 2 +
NameMaitrum +
NamePageMaitrum +
NamesMaitrum +
Orbital Distance2.8 AU +
Orbital Period3.6 Earth Years +
PageNameMaitrum +
PageTypeElement +
Radius4,642 km +
Surface Gravity0.4 G +
Surface Temperature347.15 K (74 °C, 165.2 °F, 624.87 °R) +

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