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Major League Baseball 2K6, simply known as MLB 2K6, is a Major League Baseball licensed baseball video game developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports. It is the only 2006 MLB licensed game available for the Xbox 360 and Nintendo GameCube. It is also available for the PlayStation 2, though its competition comes in the form of MLB 06: The Show from 989 Sports.

It has new features, such as Inside Edge, World Baseball Classic, online experience and many more. This game also features various aspects that are new to baseball games, including fans shouting, the "swing stick", showboat catches, arguing managers, fans catching balls, and power rankings.

Licensing issues

Barry Bonds does not appear in this title however Joe Young, a fictional left fielder, is believed to be a younger switch-hitter version of Bonds. Bonds does not appear because he is not a member of the Players Association. Young appears in place of Bonds in all titles.

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