• Radius: CLASSIFIED
  • Surface Temperature: CLASSIFIED

Palaven's largest moon has been shrouded in secrecy since the dawn of the turian space age. During the Krogan Rebellions, the Hierarchy classified nearly all data on Menae, and its sister moon Nanus, because they feared the krogan could use the moons as weapons by smashing them into Palaven's surface. However, some information has leaked out. Images of turian bases where personnel walk without enviro-suits indicated advanced infrastructure--likely a network of subterranean tunnels with powerful mass effect field generators that retain heat and atmosphere over swaths of the surface.

The Reapers' plans for bombarding the bases were met with fierce resistance by the turian fleet and the moon's antiaerospace defenses. With their easy victory stalled, the Reapers deployed a variety of ground units to take the bases one at a time.

The turians have the advantage on the moon, but the Reapers have the patience to slowly grind them down. With every base captured, the Reapers deny the turian fleet another place to repair or refuel.

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