This is a list of minigames in Mario Party 5.


  • Rumble Fumble- At the start of the game, the controller will rumble in a certain pattern. Find 3 Shy Guys hiding under buckets with the same sequence.
  • Coney Island- Scoops of ice cream start falling from the sky. Collect as many scoops as possible in your cone before time rums out.
  • Ground Pound Down- Characters must Ground Pound to make their way down the well. First player to make it to the water below wins.
  • Chimp Chase- Ukikis of different colors are scattered all over the field. Players must grab one and bring them to the mother Ukiki that matches their color. The player with the most points wins.
  • Chomp Romp- Players must guide there Chain Chomp across the course using a whistle. First Chain Chomp that crosses the finish line wins.
  • Flower Shower- Flower petals start to fall from the sky. Collect as many as possible before time runs out.
  • Dodge Bomb- Bob-ombs start to walk on to the field. Players must grab one and throw them at other players. Last player standing wins.
  • Fish Upon a Star- Knock other players off of a slowly crumbling, floating rock in the shape of a star. Last player standing wins.
  • Frozen Frenzy- Kick and punch other players and steal their crystals. The player with the most crystals wins.
  • Pushy Penguins- Escape the hoard of penguins running down the ice. Last player standing wins.
  • Leaf Leap- Hop up a beanstalk using the leaves on either side of the vine. The highest climber wins.
  • Night Light Fright- Players must shine a flashlight to stop a Chain Chomp, chasing them down a dead end alley. Players compete to stop the Chain Chomps the closest they can.
  • Pop-Star Piranhas- One piranha is dancing differently then the others, and players try to figure out which one it is - the fastest.
  • Mazed & Confused- In a maze of electricity, players must find their way to the center in order to win the game.
  • Dinger Derby- Hit the baseballs as they are pitched towards the character.
  • Fish Sticks- Catch fish by pulling on rods that are dipping.
  • Hydro Stars- Drive a boat through the numbered gates in order and cross the finish line first.
  • Later Skater- Race to complete 5 laps of the track.
  • Will Flower- Revive a flower by repeatedly pressing A.
  • Triple Jump- Press the buttons repeatedly to jump the furthest.
  • Hotel Goomba- Punch the Goombas out of your way to reach the 3rd balcony.
  • Vicious Vending- Rotate the Control Stick to get a capsule.
  • Coin Cache- Jump on the Coin Blocks to get Coins.

1 vs. 3

  • Flatiator- One player must flatten the other three.
  • Squared Away- One player is in a small cube, while the others are in large ones. The single player must avoid getting flattened.
  • Mario Mechs- The lone player must shoot the other three down before they are destroyed.
  • Revolving Fire- One player must burn all three of their opponents before time runs out.
  • Heat Stroke- One player must hit the platforms from the tower. If one of the other 3 fails to get off, they are eliminated. If the 3 are eliminated the lone player wins.
  • Beam Team- 3 players must try to abduct the lone player. If the 3 hit each other, they are immobilized for a short period of time.
  • Big Top Drop- One player must knock the other 3 off the tightrope.
  • Quilt For Speed- One player works on their own while the others work together. Stop the direction slot machine to move one space in that direction. The first team to finish wins.
  • Tube It or Lose It- One player must pop the other players' inner tubes.
  • Mathletes- Form an equation to get coins.
  • Fight Cards- Hold up cards. If one of the cards matches that of the lone player, the other player is knocked out. The lone player has 5 rounds to knock the other 3 out.
  • Curvy Curbs- Players must drive round the track. If a player strays from the track, they are immobilized.

2 vs. 2

  • Defuse or Lose- Players must ground-pound the fuses. If a fuse reaches the King Bob-omb, that team loses.
  • ID UFO- Players must ground-pound the correct tiles at the same time.
  • Mario Can-Can- Players must ground-pound one after the other to open the can.
  • Clock Stoppers- Players must turn the hands to make the correct time.
  • Handy Hoppers- One player turns while the other skips. The team with the most successful skips wins.
  • Berry Basket- One player shoots down berries while the other catches them. The team with the most berries wins.
  • Bus Buffer Players must clean the entire roof of the bus.
  • Panic Pinball- Players must score points on the pinball table. Reducing the Bowser count to 0 floods your table with balls.
  • Rumble Ready- Players must press A when the controller rumbles.
  • Submarathon- One player must drive the sub. The two players may switch at any time.
  • Manic Mallets- Players must hit A more times than their opponents.
  • Banking Coins- Players must hit the pot and collect the coins that fall out.


  • Shock Absorbers- Players must avoid the Zaps.
  • Countdown Pound- Players must stop the timer closest to 0.
  • Whomp Maze- Players must avoid the Whomps and reach the end.
  • Shy Guy Showdown- Press the button that the Shy Guy holds up.
  • Button Mashers- Players must press all the buttons repeatedly.
  • Get A Rope- Players must choose a rope. Whoever gets the better item wins.
  • Pump 'n' Jump- Players must press A repeatedly.
  • Head Waiter- Players must reduce the count of the bomb and pass it. Whoever is holding it when it reaches 0 loses.
  • Blown Away- Players must knock their opponent off the arena.
  • Merry Poppings- Players must press A and B repeatedly.
  • Pound Peril- Players must ground-pound a panel. Whoever doesn't get hurt wins.
  • Piece Out- Players must match up blocks.
  • Bound of Music- Players must hit the most music blocks.
  • Wind Wavers- Players must press L and R alternately.
  • Sky Survivor- Players must avoid the torpedoes.


  • Astro-Logical- Players must hit the correct tiles to stay in the game.
  • Bill Blasters- Players must shoot Bullet Bills at each other. If a player is hit, their platform slows down.
  • Tug-a-Dorrie- Players must repeatedly press A.
  • Twist 'n' Out- Players must knock each other out of the ring.
  • Lucky Lineup- Players must hit the slots. If 3 symbols are matched vertically, horizontally or diagonally points are scored. The Star is a wild card.
  • Random Ride- Pick a machine. There is no rhyme or reason as to what machine wins.

Donkey Kong

  • Banana Punch- Punch barrels to get bananas.
  • Mass A-Peel- Collect the bananas but avoid the banana peel.
  • Da Vine Climb- Ascend the vines, collecting bananas. Avoid the spiders.


  • Rain Of Fire- Players must dodge a rain of fireballs.
  • Scaldin' Cauldron- Pick a cauldron. Anyone in the one that Bowser doesn't roast wins.
  • Cage-in Cookin'- Press the buttons within the time limit to escape.

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