This is a list of minigames in Mario Party 6.


  • Smashdance: Ground-pound the most glowing panels to win.
  • Odd Card Out: Be the first to find the one of three cards that is different.
  • Freeze Frame: Take the picture when the most Goombas or Shy Guys can be seen.
  • What Goes Up...: Day - Jump on the Paratroopas and clouds to reach the highest altitude. Night - Descend the fastest, avoiding Paratroopas and clouds in the way.
  • Granite Getaway: Run from the giant boulder rolling toward you and watch out for the small rocks on the ground that can make you trip and get squished.
  • Circuit Maximus: Make your way through the maze without getting zapped.
  • Catch You Letter: Collect letters that fall down and bring them to Shy Guy. Regular ones are worth one, and pink ones ("love notes") are worth three.
  • Snow Whirled:
  • Daft Rafts: Jump from raft to raft avoiding small obstacles and without getting washed down the waterfall.
  • Tricky Tires: Control a vehicle with the analog stick and C stick (left and right tires) to make your way to the finish line.
  • Treasure Trawlers: Control a ship with a crane and scoop up treasures when you feel a rumble.
  • Memory Lane: Follow the Shy Guy's exact path to get to the goal.
  • Mowtown: Control a lawnmower and mow the greatest amount of grass.
  • Cannonball Fun: Hit your opponents five times with cannonballs.
  • Note To Self: Jump up to hit the most bouncing music notes.
  • Same Is Lame: Pick a button and rise up if you pick one that is different from all your opponents.
  • Lift Leapers: Resembling the original Mario games, make a lot of jumps through different levels to reach the goal.
  • Blooper Scooper: Swim away from Blooper's whirlpool and avoid obstacles that float to you in the water.
  • Trap Ease Artist: Lower the cage when you think you can catch the most Goombas in it.
  • Pokey Punch-out: Pokeys will pop out of the ground, and you must punch or kick them to earn points: three for the top (the head) and one for the others.
  • Money Belt: Pay attention to the X-rays to see which boxes to open (that have coins in them) and which contain things that will harm and temporarily stun you.
  • Sunday Drivers: Press the right buttons to hit each golf ball. Hit ten first to win.
  • Throw Me a Bone: Throw bones to move the Chain Chomp you are riding on and avoid the pillars.


  • Cash Flow: Zoom down the waterslide to avoid Spinies and collect coins and moneybags. If a player in a team of three hit a Spiny, that player is eliminated.
  • Sink or Swim: One player drops mines on the players trying to swim away.
  • Snow Brawl: One player, helped by four Ukikis if it is daytime or Shy Guys if it is nighttime, faces off against the other three in a snowball fight.
  • Ball Dozers: Smash the rocks to clear the way for a ball that you must get to the goal.
  • Surge and Destroy: One player controls a laser beam that he or she must move to hit the others.
  • Pop Star: See which team can pop the balloon the fastest.
  • Stage Fright: Three players shoot balls at the single player, who is alone on stage trying to dodge them.
  • Conveyor Bolt: Day - One player shoots lightning bolts down at the three players. Night - Three players shoot the bolts down at the single player.
  • Crate and Peril: One player moves a box with the other three inside, trying to make the spiny shells rolling around inside hit them.
  • Ray of Fright: One player shoots a laser at the other three. The three must pay attention to the angles of the playing field to avoid it.
  • Dust 'til Dawn: The teams race to clean a room the fastest.

1-vs.-3 Mic

  • Verbal Assault: One player controls a battle machine that fires attacks at the other three with commands into the mic. The other three control smaller machines and try to fight back.
  • Shoot Yer Mouth Off: One player commands Shy Guys to launch attacks at the other players by saying numbers into the mic.
  • Talkie Walkie: The single player tries to move forward to get to the treasure, steering clear of the other three's attacks.
  • Word Herd: The single player commands the herd of Goombas to get away from the three players who are trying to punch them out of the corral.
  • Fruit Talktail: One player shouts names of fruits into the mic, and the players must get onto a space with that fruit on it before all the other spaces collapse.


  • Garden Grab: Two teams of two press buttons the fastest to pull the gigantic carrot out of the ground.
  • Pixel Perfect: Members of two teams work together to ground-pound panels to change their color and make their playing area match the pixel image displayed.
  • Slot Trot: Run on slots to roll them and make the two pictures for each team match the pictures displayed.
  • Gondola Glide: Press either A or B repeatedly depending on the button displayed on each checkpoint gate. Reach the goal first on your gondola.
  • Light Breeze: Wave fans to generate the most electricity together.
  • Body Builder: Jump to stop the slot on the body parts needed to build a robot.
  • Mole-it: Jump up (day) or ground-pound (night) to hit the pipes with Monty Moles. Avoid Piranha Plants.
  • Cashapult: Catapult each other in the air to collect coins.
  • Jump the Gun: One player shoots Bullet Bills to make a path for his or her teammate to jump on and reach the goal.
  • Rocky Road: Drive down the road and punch or kick boulders in your way.
  • Clean Team: Clean all the dirty windows. One player sprays and the other dries.
  • Burnstile: Jump when the turnstile comes around to hit you, or you'll be knocked into the lava.


  • Hyper Sniper: Hit the targets with point totals on them. Don't hit the Bowser targets or your points will be reset to zero.
  • Insectiride: Choose a vehicle designed like an insect. Each one has a different way to hit buttons to move.
  • Stamp By Me: Stamp left or right when a paper comes by on the conveyor belts on either side of you. The two belts move at different speeds.
  • Wrasslin' Rapids: Punch and kick opponents off the raft and into the river.
  • Strawberry Shortfuse: Some Ukikis have Bob-ombs, while others have cakes. Choose ones with cake to stay alive.
  • Control Schtick: Tilt the analog stick and C stick in the directions shown.


  • Light Up My Night: Find and light the most candles in the dark room.
  • Cog Jog: Get through the obstacle course of turning gears.
  • Black Hole Boogie: Mash the A button to swim out of the black hole.
  • Full Tilt: Make your way along the narrow path, which is tilting under your feet, and don't fall off or you will have to start over from either the checkpoint or the very beginning.
  • Sumo of Doom-o: Ram your opponent's vehicle off the edge of the platform.
  • O-Zone: Ground-pound the panels with circles, but not X's.
  • Pitifall: Randomly choose a rope and hope you either land on the pedestal or have a Fly Guy rescue you over your opponent if neither of you lands on it.
  • Mass Meteor: Float through space to the goal, avoiding the meteors in your way.
  • Lunar-tics: Land closest to zero seconds on the clock. Press A to fire your jet pack to let you fall more slowly.
  • T Minus Five: Ground-pound the panels when they are lit. Get past five panels to make it to the rocket ship.
  • Asteroad Rage: Move left and right to dodge the asteroids in your path.
  • Boo'd Off the Stage: Avoid giant Pink Boos that come floating across the screen.
  • Boonanza: Herd the most little Pink Boos into the pen.
  • Trick or Tree: Four trees will appear and then shuffle themselves (at times they seem to melt into each other, making them very difficult to follow). Pick the tallest tree to win.
  • Something's Amist: Walk around in the fog and try to pick up a gem when you feel a rumble. The tree's eyes in the background give hints to the general area of the gem.


  • Tally Me Banana: Jump on the barrels that are floating in the water to get bananas, which DK will convert into coins.
  • Banana Shake: Shake bananas down from the tree, but avoid hammers that fall down on you.
  • Pier Factor: Choose a barrel in which you will roll down the pier to collect bananas.


  • Pit Boss: Avoid large spiny obstacles (up to three) that Bowser will throw at you.
  • Dizzy Rotisserie: The directions on the analog stick are mixed up (i.e.: right could be up, down could be right). You must find the correct controls and make it to the finish line.
  • Dark 'n Crispy: Avoid Bowser's fire.


  • Seer Terror: Pick a rope and Bowser will tell you your fortune (after the event happens).
  • Block Star: Match five or more blocks of the same color, and don't let your stack reach the top of the board.
  • Lab Brats: Make your way through the maze and find as many characters as you can inside within the time limit (which you can choose).
  • Dunk Bros.: Play a virtual basketball game with chosen time and team settings.

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