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The game starts out with Mario/Luigi walking on the cup at the Star Tournament. Various characters are cheering for them. Mario and Luigi destroy each team with ease. Wario/Waluigi then appear and challenge the Mario Bros. to a challenge. A faceoff between Waluigi and Luigi occur, and Mario has to break it up. A light is summoned, and Bowser falls from above on to the court and taunts all 4 of the characters, with Boo backing him up. Then they all start cheering, until a bob-omb explodes on them.


Mario Tennis features a multitude of characters from the Mario universe. Choose your character, court, and other settings, and get right on in to the action! 

Press the A button to launch the ball in the air and press A or B get it across the net on the other side.


  • Mario (All-Around)
  • Luigi (All-Around)
  • Peach (All-Around)
  • Daisy (Technique)
  • Yoshi (Speed)
  • Birdo (Speed)
  • Wario (Power)
  • Waluigi (Technique)
  • Baby Mario (Speed)
  • Toad (Technique)
  • Donkey Kong (Power)
  • Bowser (Power)
  • Paratroopa (Tricky)
  • Boo (Tricky)
  • Donkey Kong Jr. (Power) *
  • Shy Guy (Tricky) *

Note: * denotes unlockable.

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