Martial Beat was a game created by Konami for the arcade and PlayStation in Japan in 2002. This game tests skill in martial arts, and it is not really considered part of Konami's Bemani series, even though it contains music from the series. This game was shipped in a modified Dance Dance Revolution cabinet, with the sensors and the game's art on it. Even though there is the presence of two sets of selection buttons (as Dance Dance Revolution supported two players), this game is one player only. To play the game, one needs to follow the on-screen instructor, and when a red light turns on located on top of the screen, the player must perform the move by repeating the instructor.

Song List

Songs from this game are a compilation of Dancemania licensed tracks from DDR 4thMix and DDR 5thMix. Every song has only one difficulty level.

DifficultySong TitleArtist
Easy Boom Boom Dollar (Red Monster 2000 Mix) King Kong & D. Jungle Girls
Dub-I-Dub Me & My
Dam Dariram Joga
Medium Sky High DJ Miko
That's The Way (Scorccio Edit) X-Treme
Hot Limit John Desire
God Of Romance Judy Crystal
Seventeen Bambee
Tubthumping Chumbawamba
Lupin the 3rd '78 Ventura
Hard Rhythm and Police (Hyper K Mix) CJ Crew featuring Christian D.
Ordinary World Aurora featuring Naimee Coleman
Stomp To My Beat JS16


  • To unlock Dub-I-Dub on the Home Version, one must pass attack mode. This song is always played on mirror difficulty
  • In a similar way to unlocking Paranoia on Dance Dance Revolution, passing your second stage with an A or higher will unlock access to Lupin the 3rd '78 as your final stage


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