Marvin's Maze is a arcade game released by SNK in 1983.


Marvin's Maze is a maze game where the player fight against Robonoids while trying to clear the maze of dots. There are two ways to finish each rack: eating up all the dots, or destroying a certain number of Robonoids (listed at the bottom of the screen). Two ways to destroy the Robonoids: shoot them, or remove the ground from under them at certain points of the maze (the 'Trick').


  • 1 robonoid: 500
  • 2 robonoids: 1500
  • 3 robonoids: 3500
  • 4 robonoids: 7500
  • 5 robonoids: 15500
  • Dot: 100
  • Super Dot: 200
  • Trick (remove ground from under robonoid): 500
  • Bonus at end of round: 500 X number of Robonoids destroyedfr:Marvin's Maze (système d'arcade)


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