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A dense rock planet, Maskawa has a thick methane-ammonia atmosphere. Because of its similar conditions to the volus homeworld Irune billions of years ago when it first formed life, a large volus university, the Ten-Clan Academy, hosts symposia on the planet's surface. Unfortunately, despite their security precautions, pirates, organ-leggers, and slavers throughout the Terminus Systems have learned that kidnapped students and professors are a source of easy money. This only adds to the university's reputation as a visit or tenure at the Academy is a clear mark of commitment on any scientific resume.

Facts about "Maskawa"RDF feed
Atmospheric Pressure3.35 Earth Atmospheres +
CapitalSahime +
Colony Founded2098 +
Day Length37.6 Earth Hours +
DisplayNameMaskawa +
ElementLore +
GamesMass Effect 2 +
NameMaskawa +
NamePageMaskawa +
NamesMaskawa +
Orbital Distance2.0 AU +
Orbital Period2.8 Earth Years +
PageNameMaskawa +
PageTypeElement +
Population40,250 +
Radius7,105 km +
Surface Gravity1.4 G +
Surface Temperature325.15 K (52 °C, 125.6 °F, 585.27 °R) +

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