Several masks appear in The Legend of Zelda series.

All Night Mask

The All Night Mask allows its wearer to stay awake. The missed sleep won't even have to be caught up on when the mask is taken off. According to a Gossip Stone in Majora's Mask, the mask was initially created as a torture device, keeping its wearer from falling asleep. Ironically, Link can still be in insomnia even without the mask (such as in the rest of the Zelda series, particularly those with a day/night feature).

Blast Mask

This is the reward for helping the old lady from the bomb shop after she's been robbed. The Blast Mask is in fact a bomb one can place on his or her face. As such, Link will receive damage if he uses it. But since every time Link goes back in time he loses his bombs, this mask is a useful alternative if he's short on bombs. It explodes only when Link wants to, but makes him unable to use his sword. A small bug allows Link to use the mask without damaging himself if he has any shield up when detonating it.

Bremen Mask

The Bremen Mask allows Link to play a melody on a flute that apparently comes with the mask (possibly similar to how his ocarina changes into another instrument if wearing one of the transformation masks). By doing so, Link can make certain creatures follow him or dance. The mask appears to be a reference to two fairy tales, both involving music: The Town Musicians of Bremen and The Pied Piper of Hamelin.

Bunny Hood


Screenshot of a Bunny Hood in Super Smash Bros. Melee

The Bunny Hood is a clothing item in several Nintendo video games. Its first appearance was in the The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in 1998, in which the main character, Link, can wear it to stimulate unusual responses from the NPCs and participate in a trading sequence. It also has the curious side effect of stopping Stalchildren from appearing in Hyrule Field, when worn at night. The Bunny Hood made a comeback in Majora's Mask. In this particular game, wearing the Bunny Hood increases Link's agility, allowing him to run 1.5 times faster than normal.

The hood has also made an appearance in Super Smash Bros. Melee, where the player can pick up the item in battle to be able to jump higher, run faster, and fall faster. However, this can be a hazard on small levels during gameplay. A Bunny Hood can be purchased for the player to wear in the Nintendo DS game Animal Crossing: Wild World. However, the hood differs in appearance. The hood covers much of the player's head and is white in color, with short rigid ears. Therefore, this may not be a direct reference.

Captain's Hat

As a reward for keeping up with and beating him, Captain Keeta gives Link the Captain's Hat. The Stalchildren will think Link is their captain if he wears it, allowing Link to command and talk with them. If wearing it during the fight with Igos du Ikana, he'll also temporarly think Link's Captain Keeta. It's also one of the three masks that can make the inhabitants of Ikana Castle dance.

Circus Leader Mask

A reward from Gorman for reminding him of better times and that they will come back. The Circus Leader Mask cries when worn and will make Gorman's brothers cry as well if they see it. It's quite useless, as it will only help make one sidequest easy that you already have had to do to obtain this mask.

Couple's Mask

The Couple's Mask is a traditional mask in Clock Town. When two people are about to get married, they each make a mask: the Mask of the Sun and the Mask of the Moon. When they marry, the masks are fused and become the Couple's Mask and kept by the newly weds as a sign of their love for each other. In Link's case, it was given to him for helping two people overcome the obstacles and finally get married.

Deku Mask

The Deku Mask appears only in Majora's Mask. When Link follows the Skull Kid after he stole Epona, the Skull Kid transforms Link in a Deku Scrub. Link is forced to be like that for the first three day cycle. After that, he acquires the Ocarina of Time and learns the Song of Healing. The curse is broken and Link turns back to normal, but now in the possession of the Deku Mask. It is the first mask Link receives. With it, Link can change at will into a Deku Scrub. In that form, he's weak against fire and receives more damage from a fall. Using Deku Flowers, he can fly for a short period of time, similar to how Makar flies in The Wind Waker. He's also able to shoot bubbles from his mouth at the cost of a bit of magic. Lastly, in Deku form, Link will hop on water five times and drown if he doesn't get on land after the fifth hop. The statue that can be created from Link in Deku form by using the Elegy of Emptiness is usually too light to hold down a switch. It should also be noted that Gibdos and Redeads don't attack Deku Link.

The mask makes Link's ocarina turn into a set of pipes.

Unlike the Goron Mask and Zora Mask, it is never explicitly stated who's spirit is the basis for the Deku Mask. If at all, since it could just be a curse. However, the process of obtaining the mask (through the Song of Healing) is not different from that of the other two masks. It is suggested that the spirit inhabiting the mask is the son of the Deku Butler. The latter remarks to Deku Link how much he reminds him of his son who disappeared. He can also be seen crying at the end of the game near a twisted tree that somewhat looks like a Deku Scrub. This tree is located near the spot where Link was transformed by the Skull Kid. Tatl's remark about the tree is that it looks like Link in his Deku form.

Doggie Mask

Obtained as an item in a trading sequence, the Doggie Mask is acquired from the Happy Mask Salesman. It is a mask made by the Happy Mask Salesman. After Link gives the Happy Mask Salesman the Tasty Meat to satisfy his hunger he gives him the Doggie Mask in exchange. The mask is later given to Mamamu Yan in her house in Lynna City to help her shy dog. In exchange Link is given a Dumbbell. This is part of the quest for the Noble Sword.

Appears in: The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

Don Gero's Mask

The Don Gero's Mask is Link's reward for helping a Goron. By wearing it, he can talk with the frogs located around in Termina. Because Link looks like their leader, Don Gero, the frogs think it's time for them to sing in honour of spring again and that Don Gero has come to tell them. The mask looks like an actual frog sitting on Link's head, who covers Link's eyes with its feet.

Fierce Deity Mask

The Fierce Deity Mask appears only in Majora's Mask. It is said that the spirit of a dark and powerful warrior, supposedly Majora's archenemy (possibly the Fierce Deity before losing his body to his mask form had a relationship with Majora similar to the one between Ganon and Link), was sealed inside this mask. The Fierce Deity Mask is only obtained when the player has been able to collect every other mask in the game and gives them all away to the Moon Dungeon Children. After all of the masks are given away and the only child left is the child wearing the Majora's Mask, the child asks Link to play with them in a game of "Good Guys vs Bad Guys" and then gives Link the Fierce Deity's Mask (saying that Link will play the bad guy). This mask allows Link to become Fierce Deity Link. However, this mask can only be worn during boss battles.

Garo's Mask

By winning a race against the Gorman Bros., Link gets the Garo's Mask. It is needed to enter Ikana Canyon. Once there, Garos will appear on certain locations if Link wears this mask, giving a few clues once defeated. It's also one of the three masks that can make the inhabitants of Ikana Castle dance.

Gerudo Mask

The only race mask that doesn't return in Majora's Mask is the Gerudo Mask. It can only be used to get different reactions from people, some being interesting as they hint to who might be related to the Gerudos.

Giant's Mask

A handy and useless item at the same time, the Giant's Mask can be found in Stone Tower. It allows Link to become a giant and makes the fight against Twinmold (who happens to be two giant snakelike beings) a lot easier. However, that's the only time Link can use it.

Gibdo Mask

Gotten in a similar way as the transformation masks and probably only not one itself because no one died for it. Link obtains the Gibdo Mask after playing the Song of Healing for Pamela's father, who has turned into a half-Gibdo due to his long stay in Ikana Canyon. It allows Link to talk with the Gibdos, who then think he's one of them. It is necessary to get the Mirror Shield. It's also one of the three masks that can make the inhabitants of Ikana Castle dance.

Goron Mask

The Goron Mask appears in Ocarina of Time. It becomes available when the player manages to sell all of the masks for the Happy Mask Salesman. In this game it doesn't have any specific purpose other than to get differing reactions from characters. The Goron Mask makes a return appearance in Majora's Mask, this time with a much bigger role. The player acquires the Goron Mask after Link plays the Song of Healing for the deceased Goron ghost, Darmani. Containing Darmani's spirit, it transforms Link into a Goron (more specifically, Darmani, though part of his appearance is still Link's) when he wears it. In the Goron form, Link has strong punches and a ground-pound move. He also has the ability to roll up in a ball and roll to move faster. Also, while rolling, if the player has magic, Goron Link grows spikes and moves much faster, doing more damage to enemies as he does. But he can't swim and receives more damage from a fall. It should also be noted that Gibdos and Redeads don't attack Goron Link.

The mask makes Link's ocarina turn into a set of five drums.

Great Fairy Mask

The Great Fairy Mask is the second gift Link receives from the Great Fairy of Magic. It has the ability to detect and attract Stray Fairies, making searching for them a lot easier. If Link is in a room with a Stray Fairy in it, the "hair"-part of the mask will start to move and sparkle and act as a magnet for Stray Fairies.


The Hawkeye appears only in Twilight Princess. This mask can be purchased from the Malo Mart in Kakariko Village after completing a test of the player's archery skill. Once it is equipped, it allows the user to zoom in similarly to the Telescope in The Wind Waker. Similar to bombs, it can be combined with the Hero's Bow to create a scope for more accurate shooting. Interestingly, when equipping the scoped bow on the Wii version of the game, aiming reverts to the less accurate control stick aiming as opposed to the Wii remote aiming the game was designed for. The mask is not worn like masks in other games, because Link cannot move while using it, and with no third person camera it is impossible to see Link wearing it.

Hero's Charm


Image of Hero's Charm from The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

The Hero's Charm appears only in The Wind Waker. This mystical mask was given to Link by Mrs. Marie after he gave at least 41 Joy Pendants to her. Once it is equipped, it shows a bar above an enemy or boss showing how much damage is needed to slay the monster.

Kafei's Mask

The Kafei's Mask resembles Kafei and was in the possession of his mother who gave it to Link so he could find Kafei because she thinks that Link is a private investigator. Link uses this mask to inquire the townspeople of the whereabouts of the missing son (and boyfriend to Anju) and recognize him if Link happens to meet him. At the end of the trading sequence between Anju and Kafei when you speak with the Curiosity Shop owner and he tells you where Kafei has gone to he also gives you a mask (for the first time speaking) and a letter from Kafei to his mother (Mama). After taking this letter to her she knows that Kafei is alright and gives you a bottle of Chataeu Milk, the most expensive milk from Romani Ranch. 

Kamaro's Mask

Link can find Kamaro dancing at night in Termina Field. In return for finding Kamaro a pupil to pass his dancing skills onto, Link receives the Kamaro's Mask. It covers Link's entire face, making it look like he hasn't got one, and at the top has Kamaro's head. By wearing it, Link can perform Kamaro's final dance while the accompaning music is strangely played in the background.

Keaton Mask


Image of the Keaton Mask from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask.

The Keaton Mask first appeared in Ocarina of Time. Supposedly, it was a very popular mask a few years before the events of Ocarina of Time. Link is asked by the Happy Mask Salesman to sell it for him. Apparently, though not a hit anymore, the mask is still popular among kids. In Majora's Mask it could be used to summon a Keaton. They saw Link wasn't one of them, but were intrigued by the mask. Therefore, they allowed him to prove he was no less than them by asking for the answers of their questions.

Majora's Mask

Majoras Mask

Image of Majora's Mask from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

Main article see Majora's Mask

Though it is not exactly an item to be collected, Majora's Mask is still the main focus of the game of the same title. The Majora's Mask contained the spirit of an ancient demon, Majora, and was created by a tribe to be used in their hexing rituals. However, the tribe feared its destructive powers and thus hid it away. The tribe vanished over time and the mask was apparently found again. It came in the possession of the Happy Mask Salesman who took it away to keep it safe from falling into the wrong hands. Unfortunately the Skull Kid stole the mask and was possessed. T he Happy Mask Salesman runs into Link and asks him to retrieve the Majora's Mask before great harm is done. The mask has the ability to take over the person who wears it. It was used by the Skull Kid to cause great mischief (or more likely, the mask used him) until at last Link foiled Majora's plans and the mask left its host to continue its quest for world destruction. It became the final boss and once Link defeated it, the evil was purged and the mask was purified and reobtained by the Happy Mask Salesman.

Mask of Truth

The first appearance of the Mask of Truth was in the Ocarina of Time. In this game, Link can wear the mask after selling all of the other masks. This allows him to read the minds of NPCs and talk to Gossip Stones, revealing interesting trivia, hints, and secrets. The mask returned in Majora's Mask, serving much the same purpose. However, this time, it also came with the ability to talk to animals.

Mask of Scents

The Mask of Scents is the prize for winning a race against the Deku Butler. It allows Link to find mushrooms in the Woods of Mystery.

Odolwa's, Goht's, Gyorg's and Twinmold's Remains

These are the Remains of the Four Bosses from Majora's Mask: Odolwa, Goht, Gyorg and Twinmold. These Dark Masks contained the demon spirits of the bosses that kept the Four Giants of Termina at bay and contained their spirits within the four bosses. Once all of the bosses are defeated, Link can summon the Four Giants after midnight of the third day to stop the moon from falling. When the moon is stopped from falling, Link enters it and finds a meadow where he meets five children, four of which are wearing the remains of the bosses. The player has the option of giving their masks to the children in exchange for visiting their dungeons and receive a Heart Piece and the Fierce Deity Mask (if given away all masks). During the boss-fight, the four masks that are the remains of the bosses fly from Link and attach themselves to the walls around the room until the player is able to significantly damage Majora's Mask during the first phase of the fight. Once this happens, the masks then detach from the wall and fly around the room, all the while shooting lasers at Link and charging into him. These masks can be easily defeated if the player chooses to do so.

Postman's Hat

The Postman's Hat had long been the proud possession of the postman of Clock Town. Being part of his uniform and therefore work, the postman took great care of it. When Link helped him fulfill his final task and free him of his duty, this mask was the reward he received. It allows Link to check mailboxes.

Romani Mask

After helping the owners of Romani Ranch, Link gets the Romani Mask. It's proof that the wearer is a member of the Milk Bar (and therefore an "adult"), allowing that person to enter the Milk Bar at night as well. It is needed for several sidequests.

Skull Mask

In his quest to help the Happy Mask Salesman sell masks, the Skull Mask is the second mask Link obtains. It looks like a horned skull and will scare most people.

Spooky Mask

The Spooky Mask looks exactly like the masks worn by Redeads. It might actually be one, in which case it is carved out of a coffin. The Spooky Mask is part of the mask trading sequence.

Stone Mask

It is a gift from Shiro for being the only one that notices him. If Link wears the Stone Mask, some enemies will not see him and thus not attack him. While not mandatory, it allows Link to more easily maneuver around the Gerudo's Hideout. Without it, Link must avoid being seen by every Gerudo, lest he be caught and imprisoned. Interestingly Link can still be seen by the Super-Gerudos while wearing the Stone Mask.

Zora Mask

The Zora Mask appears in Ocarina of Time after the player sells all masks for the Happy Mask Salesman. The Zora Mask in Ocarina of Time has no further use then to offer differing reactions from characters. The Zora Mask also appears in Majora's Mask but plays a much bigger role. In this game, Link receives the Zora Mask after playing the Song of Healing for the dying Mikau. The Zora Mask contains Mikau's spirit and by donning this mask Link can transform into a Zora. In this form, Link has much greater swimming efficiency, the ability to breathe and walk underwater and can attack with kicks, punches and the fins on his arms, which work a little like a Boomerang. Also, by using magic, Zora Link can generate electicity as both an attack and defense against enemies. However, he's weak against ice and fire.

The mask makes Link's ocarina turn into a guitar.

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