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Mass Effect: Andromeda is the fourth entry in the Mass Effect series of video games. It will release for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows on March 21, 2017 in North America, and on March 23, 2017 in Europe.


Mass Effect: Andromeda is initially set during the events of Mass Effect 2, and describes what is known as the "Andromeda Initiative", an ambitious project to send the "Nexus" and a fleet of "Ark" ships through "dark space" to the Andromeda Galaxy.

The "Nexus" is a mobile space station closely modelled on the Citadel already present in the Milky Way, while the "Ark" ships were to provide the bulk of the personnel, with Ark ships being sent by many species. The player eventually awakens having arrived at their destination, six hundred years later.

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