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Bring Down the Sky was the first DLC for Mass Effect, released as a pay-for DLC to Xbox 360 owners on March 10, 2008, and released for free to PC users on July 29, 2008. While the DLC cannot be purchased on Origin, if the user redeems a retail Mass Effect serial key, or purchases the Mass Effect Trilogy for PC via Origin, Bring Down the Sky is unlocked automatically (as is also the case if the user installed the Mass Effect Trilogy on the PlayStation 3). If purchased via the Xbox Games Store, this DLC becomes available to users on both the Xbox 360, and those playing it on the Xbox One via the backward compatibility feature (Xbox One and Xbox 360 users can install the DLC via "Manage Game").

To retail users, the DLC could be obtained via an executable download with a unique serial key being provided to each player, verified using an authentication server. This server was eventually taken offline, resulting in a patched executable for download with a single non-unique serial key being provided to all players.


Bring Down the Sky includes access to a new mission: Stop Asteroid X57 in the Asgard System from crashing into Terra Nova. Choices made here may affect gameplay in Mass Effect 3.

This mission introduces the Batarians to the player, a race that would feature frequently in both Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3.

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ContentTypeDLC +
DeveloperBioWare Corporation + and Demiurge Studios +
Digital PlatformOrigin +, Origin for Microsoft Windows +, Xbox Games Store + and Xbox One Backward Compatibility +
DisplayNameBring Down the Sky +
FeaturesSingle-player + and Achievements +
FranchiseMass Effect +
GameMass Effect +
GameCatDLC +
GenreAction +, RPG +, Third-person Shooter +, Third-person + and Shooter +
Has redirectMass Effect +
International Microsoft Windows Release29 July 2008 +
International Release10 March 2008 + and 29 July 2008 +
International Xbox 360 Release10 March 2008 +
Microsoft Windows Release29 July 2008 +
NameMass Effect: Bring Down the Sky +
PEGI18 + and 18/18+ +
PEGI ContentViolence +
PageNameMass Effect: Bring Down the Sky +
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PlatformXbox 360 + and Microsoft Windows +
PlatformTypeConsole +, PC + and OS +
PublisherElectronic Arts + and Microsoft Game Studios +
RatingBodiesPEGI +
RatingsPEGI-18 +
RegionInternational +
SeriesMass Effect +
StatusReleased +
Xbox 360 Release10 March 2008 +
Year2008 +

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