Characters of Mass Effect 2 are named below.

Main character

Commander Shepard is the main character of the Mass Effect trilogy. The gender, race, and history of Shepard is up for the player to decided. The player can also decide to make their character Paragon (Good) or Renegade (Evil).

Supporting characters

605px-Miranda ME2
Miranda Lawson is a Human female Cerberus agent. She was biologically engineered as a child to be the best. She claims to have no mother and she and her sister ran away from their father when Miranda was at a young age. She has dark hair and wears a skin-tight, white suit. She is a potential love interest for male Shepard. In her loyalty mission you have to rescue her sister from an assistant, and former friend, of her father. There are paragon and renegade options throughout the mission. After her loyalty mission, you gain a different outfit for her, a black Cerberus suit. Miranda is voiced by and made to look like Yvonne Strahovski.

Jacob ME2
Jacob Taylor is a Human male Cerberus agent and former Alliance operative. He worked in the Alliance special teams group, Corsair. He is also hesitant of Cerberus' real desires. In his loyalty mission, you can arrest or kill his father. Either way you gain his loyalty and his second suit. He wears a black, skin-tight suit with orange detailing it. He is a possible love interest in the game for female Shepard.

Mordin Solus is a Salarian scientist and former Salarian Special Task Force member. He is recruited by Cerberus to help recover the missing colonists. He speaks in fragmented statements, however, he is vastly knowledgeable about the "Genophage" and it's affect on the Krogan.

Garrus Vakarian, also known as Archangel, is a Turian sniper expert on Omega who is trying to "clean up the station's streets." He is a former member of C-Sec and is a returning squad member from the first game. He still has the scars where he took a rocket to the face.

Jack, also known as Subject Zero, is a Human female who is recovered from the prison-ship, Purgatory on Pragia. Her whole body is covered in tattoos and she is a mass murderer. She was raised on a Cerberus facility. They eventually find out that they used the other kids in their tests, to preserve Jack's manic

Grunt is a tank-bred Krogan male who was created to be better that all other Krogan. He can gain the title of Urdnot.

Tali'Zorah vas Neema is a Quarian female from the Flotilla. She is the same Tali from Mass Effect. Her father planned to build her a house on their homeworld, however, he was killed by the reactivated  geth machinery Tali sent him. It is possible for Tali to become exiled from the Flotilla, if Shepard doesn't reveal the information they found.

Thane Krios is a Drell assassin recruited to assist in defeating the threat to humanity. His wife died many years before encountering him, and you can help in reuniting Thane with his son, Kolyat. He is nearing the final stages of "Kepral's syndrome" (a fatal lung disease that is based on "cystic fibrosis".)

Samara is an Asari Justicar sent to Illuim to find and kill Morinth. Shepard has the ability to kill her and recruit Morinth instead. She is not a potential love interest because she fears that her child will be just like her daughter, Morinth.

Morinth is an Asari who has the ability to seduce and then kill someone through sexual intercourse. You can obtain Morinth by killing her mother, Samara on Omega. She is a potential love interest, though doing so kills your character.

Legion is a Geth that is recruited to assist Shepard. He wears Shepard's old N7 arm-piece to cover a preexisting injury. Tali doesn't like him because the Geth and the Quarians are enemies.

Jeff Moreau, also known as Joker, is a Human male who is the pilot of both Normandy's. He is very charismatic and a real jokester/smartass, specially towards EDI. He has a medical condition that prevents him from being able to walk normally, so he usually sits in the cockpit. He is playable for a short period of time.

EDI is an artificial intelligence that was built into the Normandy as a part of Cerberus tech. Despite her loyalty to Cerberus, she slowly breaks away and becomes a major asset to the crew, using vital functions to help make it run smoother.

DLC characters

Zaeed Massani
Zaeed Massani is a mercenary hired by Cerberus for an undisclosed amount of money. He becomes fully loyal to the mission after you help kill his former colleague, the Blue Suns leader. He has the Blue Suns logo tattoo'd on to his neck and a scar stretching over his eye.

Kasumi Goto is the most renown thief in the entire galaxy. She is a master of stealth and infilitration, using her abilities to silently eliminate enemies, while remaining shrouded in mystery.

Minor Characters

Kelly is the ships yeoman, she is also assigned to the crew to make sure the crew stays sane. Shepard is able to flirt with her several times in the game. She also feeds the fish.

Dr. Chakwas is a returning character from Mass Effect. She now works for Cerberus and is the doctor on the SR2-Normandy.

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