Mass Effect 3 is the direct sequel to Mass Effect 2, and the last game in the Mass Effect series. The game takes place around six months after the end of Mass Effect 2. Like the previous games, Commander Shepard is the main protagonist (either imported from Mass Effect or Mass Effect 2, or a newly-created Commander Shepard). Also available as a Digital Deluxe Edition.


The Reapers have invaded Earth, but this time around they were prepared. The Reapers gradually invade more and more solar systems, until every species is wiped from existence; this time, it's going to take a lot more then a small squad to stop them. Is it possible for Commander Shepard to assemble the greatest military force the universe has ever seen, by getting enemies that have been fighting for centuries to combine their fire-power for a greater cause?


Gameplay follows the same pattern of previous instalments. The main character, once again, is Commander Shepard of the Normandy (who can either be imported from Mass Effect 1 or 2, or started as a brand new character). Like the previous games, Commander Shepard has the use of biotic abilities as well as gun skills. Shepard can have up to two party members at any given time (except for special storyline-related sequences).