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Massive is a company that is at the fore front of video game advertising. Notably, when the MMO Anarchy Online offered the game without the monthly subscription it was because of Massives "Massive Network" (advertising in games) that allowed them to do so.

From the companies website

The Massive Network represents a complete technology and media solution. The network brings together publishers, developers, advertisers and gamers, who all benefit from the realism that advertising brings to video games across all platforms.

By aggregating the largest audience of gamers and providing real time delivery of advertising across top-selling video games, we can provide publishers and developers $1-$2 profit per unit shipped for their titles.

For advertisers, the Massive Network provides unprecedented access to the gamer audience through dynamic and targeted delivery of ad messages.

Massive is led by gaming, technology and media industry veterans - we get games and we understand gamers.

Massive has served over six million game sessions. After three years of development, play testing and gamer feedback, has obtained the most comprehensive understanding of the gamer audience and its reactions and preferences for video game advertising.

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