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Mat Hoffman Pro BMX 2 is the sequel to Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX. It was made available for the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2, and Xbox. It was part of Activision's short-lived O2 line of extreme sports games. [citation needed]


The gameplay from this game is the basic game structure carried over from Activision's Tony Hawk series of video games.

Game modes

Road Trip

In this mode the player has to complete different tasks (such as getting a high score) in an attempt to earn points to advance to the next level

Single Session

Like the previous game, the player chooses a BMX rider, an available bike, an available level, and ride for one to five minutes in an attempt to set a high score.

Free Ride

Free Ride is similar to the Single Session mode; the player chooses a BMX rider, an available bike, an available level. There is no time limit; the player can ride around as long as they want, finding gaps, secret areas, or simply practice.

Multi-player modes

The game also features several multi-player modes including Tag, Horse, Push and Graffiti.


Hidden characters

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