Math Blaster Episode Two- Secret of the Lost City is an educational game in the Blaster Learning System by Davidson & Associates and is the sequel to Math Blaster Episode I: In Search of Spot. In the plot of this math game, the evil Dr. Minus shoots down Blasternaut, Spot, and Galactic Commander as they search for the Lost City in their Galactic Cruiser. They crash, thankfully, next to the Lost City. Dr. Minus' 'Negatrons' try to stop you as you unlock the secret of the Lost City to save Galactic Command.


Number Hunt-Pull chains, hit pressure pads, or punch buttons to activate doors or elevators to collect operators and numbers to complete the Equation.

Creature Creator - Solve the equation above using estimation to unlock this room.

Position Splash - Get the Negatrons with the right number (the one that completes the equation) into the bottom tubes. Hit the Negatrons with the wrong numbers with 'Position Pods.' to keep them out.

Maze Craze- create a creature by using the tools at the left. Each arrow indicates the number of changes that occur from box to box. You need to complete all of the other sections before unlocking this section.

There are different gameplay levels: Space Rookie, Space Captain, and Master Blaster.

There are also three different math levels as well as different operations: Addition, Subtraction, Division, Multiplication, Percents, Decimals, and Fractions.

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