Mattias Nilsson

Mattias Nilsson, as he appears in-game.

Game Series Mercenaries (series)
First Appearance Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction
Status: Alive
Occupation: Mercenary
Position: Demolitions Expert
Nationality: Sweedish
Species: Human
Age: 31 (Mercenaries: PoD)

34 (Mercenaries: WiF)

Gender: Male
Likes: Demolitions
Dis-Likes: North Korea
Home: Sweden
Skill(s): Increased durability.
Voice Actor(s): Peter Stormare
Trademark: Mohawk and glasses

Mattias Nilsson is a main character in the Mercenaries (series). He is was born in Sweden. He can speak Russian, English, and Sweedish. He joined the Sweedish army at 17 years old.

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