This small book is filled sparsely with notes in Maugrim's now-familiar scrawl. Several entries are of particular interest:

"The tower is ours! That over-ambitious fool, Arklem, trusted me far too much. I would gladly have ended his undead existence had his demon witch not sent him away so quickly. Well, he'll not have use of her advice any longer, I've seen to that."

"Morag is displeased with me, however. So far the wizards I have sent forth from the tower have found only one of the Words of Power. She needs them all! We shall have the one in Neverwinter soon... and once the last three are located all shall be as Morag wished. I remain confident of success.

"The plague ravages Neverwinter, just as Morag foretold. With each death by Wailing she grows stronger. Already she is able to appear in corporeal form... and with the coming war, she shall become even stronger still!"

"I have received word that the old fool Nasher has been successful in stopping the plague, having acquired some help from adventurers. No matter...the deed is already done. Neverwinter is weakened and what strength it has lost, Morag has gained. Morag says that Nasher's execution of the fool Fenthick will only serve us... soon his greatest champion shall be ours, instead!"

"The High Captains decimate each other daily, just as I suspected. I care not whether any of the fools actually succeed... better is they all die, for none of them will lead the army as I promised them. Morag's nightly visits to Aribeth have had the desired effect: the former paladin has come and lain herself willingly at her feet. She shall lead the great host herself as Morag's champion! The Words will be ours and Morag shall triumph! Glorious shall be the day!"

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