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Max & the Magic Marker (known as Rakugaki Hero in Japan) is a video game for WiiWare, Macintosh, and Microsoft Windows. The protagonist is a boy named Max, who draws a monster with a special magic marker that he happened to come across. The monster then comes to life, invades Max's drawings and begins wrecking havoc in them all. Max must then chase and get rid of the monster, with the help of the magic marker.


Max & the Magic Marker is a platform game with gameplay elements similar to Crayon Physics where the magic marker is controlled by the mouse and is used to create physics objects such as platforms and boxes to assist Max in his adventure. The Magic Marker is used by the player to create bridges, platforms and heavy objects to help Max cross caverns, rise up on moving objects, or be propelled in the air via a see-saw.

fr:Max and the Magic Marker

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