MAXUM Games is a Colorado based software entertainment company developing exclusively for next-generation gaming platforms.


MAXUM Games started as MAXUM Studios, LLC in Florida in 2001. MAXUM entered the video game industry by creating video games for brand identities, such as Hoverboard Racing for 1-800-FAIRCALL, etc. After successful creation of PC base branding games, MAXUM decided to enter into the sixth generation console market (PlayStation 2, Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, and Dreamcast). In an effort to establish itself as a console developer, MAXUM researched any and all barriers to entry to prepare its small studio for this market. MAXUM discovered through its results, that the barriers to console development were much greater than previously anticipated. Next Generation development was going to require substantially larger teams, more advanced hardware and software, and a possible lead time of three to five years per project. Therefore, it was the decision of the company to refocus all efforts into preparing for this next generation of consoles rather than struggling with the current ones.

MAXUM postponed game development and initiated an extensive research project for over four years. It involved studying every pertinent scientific field to solve the production complexities of large team environments. MAXUM began to collaborate with manufacturing companies in order create new solutions that would minimize production lag and increase efficiency in the work place, code name Real Time Collaboration.

MAXUM Studios was then restructured in 2005 by Alex Cruz and relocated to Denver, Colorado. With the innovative new technologies, code name Real Time Collaboration, and specialized studios, MAXUM is developing the best quality action, sci-fi, and fantasy videogames for the Next Generation market.[1]

Game Project

In 2006, at the San Diego's Comic Con International, MAXUM Games announced their onlyXbox 360 title, "Demons of Mercy" by R.H. Stavis. At the same time, the company premiered a new comic series based on the game.[2] The comic story which is being produced in collaboration with and distributed by Marvel Comics was unveiled at the convention with an exclusive first issue printing.


  1. Since then, MAXUM, relocated to Vegas MAXUM Games, LLC.
  2. MAXUM Games and Marvel Comics collaborate on R.H. Stavis' Demons of Mercy For Xbox 360.

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