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This page documents the various gameshark codes which can be used to unlock various things in MediEvil.


  • L2+R2 Health Restore: d00f192c0a00 800f8174012c
  • L2+R2 Infinite Cash: d00f192c0a00 800f828c2710
  • Infinite Lives: D00F8178-0000 800F8178-012C
  • Press [Select] For Small Sword: d00f192c1000 800f81f40000
  • Press [Select] For Broad Sword: d00f192c1000 800f81f81000
  • Press [Select] For Magic Sword: d00f192c1000 800f81fc0000
  • Press [Select] For Club: d00f192c1000 800f82001000
  • Press [Select] For Hammer: d00f192c1000 800f82040000
  • Press [Select] For Throwing Dagger: d00f192c1000 800f82081000
  • Press [Select] For Axe: doof192c1000 800f820c1000
  • Press [Select] For Chicken Drumstick: d00f192c1000 800f82101000
  • Press [Select] For Crossbow: d00f192c1000 800f82141000
  • Press [Select] For Long Bow: d00f192c1000 800f82181000
  • Press [Select] For Flaming Bow: d00f192c1000 800f821c1000
  • Press [Select] For Magic Bow: d00f192c1000 800f82201000
  • Press [Select] For Spear: d00f192c1000 800f82241000
  • Press [Select] For Lightning: d00f192c1000 800f82281000
  • Press [Select] For Good Lightning: d00f192c1000 800f822c0000
  • Press [Select] For Chaos Rune: d00f192c1000 800f82300001
  • Press [Select] For Earth Rune: d00f192c1000 800f82340001
  • Press [Select] For Moon Rune: d00f192c1000 800f82380001
  • Press [Select] For Star Rune: d00f192c1000 800f823c0001
  • Press [Select] For Time Rune: d00f192c1000 800f82400001
  • Press [Select] For Copper Shield: d00f192c1000 800f827c0096
  • Press [Select] For Silver Shield: d00f192c1000 800f82800096


Restore Lightning: The lightning is the most powerful weapon in the game, but has limited use. There's a way to restore its charge to 100%. Go to The Hilltop Mausoleum or The Entrance Hall level and find an imp thief. Equip the lightning and let the imp steal it. Find a Merchant Gargoyle. You will be able to buy it back at 100% for 3000G.

Note: This glitch will not work if your Lightning charge has reached 0%.

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