These are the people responsible for the creation of MediEvil.

Production Credits

Game Concept/Direction Chris Sorrell
Game Design Jason Wilson
Main Programming James Busby, Paul Donovan, Chris Sorrell, Matt Johnson, Sam Baker
Additional Programming Derek Pollard, Tim Closs, Dean Ashton
Mapping/Development Assistant Katie Lea
Art Design Jason Wilson
Rendered Sequences/Presentation Visuals Jason Riley
Additional Mapping Lindsay Pollard
AV Management Pete Murphy
Original Soundtrack Andrew Barnabas, Paul Arnold
Sound Effects Paul Arnold
Video Post-Production Tom Oswald
Speech Post-Production Andrew Barnabas
Sound Effects/Language Implementation Gary Richards, William Bell
Technologies Management Mike Ball
Technologies Programming Andrew Ostler, Dean Ashton, Matt Johnson
QA Testing Co-ordinator Sarah-Louise Lloyd
QA Testers Dave Holloway, Alex Sulman, Dan Smith, Stuart Harvey
Preliminary Script Jason Wilson
Dialogue Script Martin Pond
Producer Chris Sorrell
Manager (Cambridge Studio)

Ian Saunter

Executive Producer for SCEE John Roberts
Product Manager Chris Ansell
Manual Written by Jim Sangster

Designed by Steve O'Neill

Print Production Martin Pearce
Manual QA Approval Lee Travers, Stephen Griffiths
QA Manager Tony Bourne
Head of the Internal Testing Steve Archer
Testing Co-Ordinator Jim McCabe
Lead Tester Dave Burke
Assistant Lead Tester Andy Macoy
Testers Ian Cunliffe, Richard Bunn, Anthony Gill, John Cassidy, Dominic Berzins, Ian McEvoy, Phil Bramhill, Dee Norfolk, Lorna Croasdale, Pat Cowan, Carl McKane, Carl Guinney
Lead Localisation Tester Ed Valiente
Localisation Testers Claudia Schuldt, Christa Leonards, Lucie Dupoirieux, Susana Olga Paredes Alcaraz, Ana Maria Juarez-Ordóñez, Andrea Masneri, Miguel Sanchez
Luis Soto, Paul Darrow, Harry Dickmen, Christopher Kent, Helen Lederer

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