These are the people responsible for the creation of MediEvil 2.

Production Credits

Producer: Andrew Kennedy
Studio Director: Simon Gardner
Creative Director: James Shepherd
Lead Programmer: Julian Rex
Main Programming: James Busby, Paul Donovan, Martin Hamilton Kift, Alan McCarthy, Steven Tattersall, Iain Brown, Gavin Clarke, Gavin Bell
Additional Programming: Will Bell, David Nicolier

Gareth 'Royston' Hughes, Dave 'Dazzler' Holloway, Katie Lea, Jon Double

Art Design: Jason Wilson
Art Management: Nina Kristensen
Technical Artist: Jason Evans
Lead Enviroment Artist: Pete Giles
Lead Rendering Artist: Jason Riley
Assistant Art Design: Leavon Archer
Rendered Sequences: Jason Riley, Phil Lukasz, Kelly Scott, Justin Summers
Presentation Visuals: Jason Riley, Iwan Scheer
Character Animation: Matt Bagshaw, Justin Summers, Jason Evans, Phil Lukasz, Kelly Scott, Mike Philbin, Mitch Phillips
Enviroment Art: Pete Giles, Ben Levitt, Jason Evans, Theo Pantazi, Jesus Cobo, Leavon Archer
Character Art: Matt Bagshaw, Jason Evans Justin Summers, Leavon Archer
AV Management: John Meegan
Original Soundtrack: Andrew Barnabas, Paul Arnold
Sound Effects: Paul Arnold, Andrew Barnabas
Video Post-Production: Andrew Barnabas, Alex Sulman
Speech Post-Production: Paul Arnold
Sound Effect Programming: Gary Richards, Gavin Bell
Technologies Programming: Chris Sorrell, Andrew Ostler, Julian Rex, Dean Ashton, Simon Brown, Mike Froggatt, Iain Brown
QA Manager (Cambridge): Alex Sulman
QA Team (Cambridge): Simon Brace, Robert King, Kieran MacDonald, Neal Radcliffe
QA Manager: Geoff Rens
Internal Testing Manager: Chris Rowley
QA Co-Ordinator: Jim McCabe
Lead Testers: Matt Ekins, Phil Green
Testers: Carl McKane, Richard Bunn, Anthony Gill, Darren Perkins, John Cassidy, Miguel Sanchez
Copywriter: Jim Sangster
Script: James Shepherd
Additional Script: Jim Sangster
Voice Actors: Melanie Hudson, Marc Silk, Ben Stephens

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