Mega Force is a game released for the Atari 2600. It is based on the movie of the same name.


Because of your reputation as a clever and daring member of the MEGAFORCE, you have been sent to Sardoun, a strategically important Democratic nation currently under attack. Your mission is to destroy the Enemy Headquarters. Armed with the world's most advanced fighting machine, the Moto-Fighter, you are dropped off just outside Sardoun. You must pass the city and make your way across the barren desert to the Enemy Headquarters on a limited supply of fuel. You'll be challenged the entire way by heavy air and ground attack. Should you travel too far into the barren desert, flashing arrows will direct you back toward the enemy—that's the only help you can expect.


Tilt the joystick forward, backward, left and right to maneuver the Moto-Fighter around the screen. The Moto-Fighter fires missiles at a downward angle when on the ground. When the Moto-Fighter takes to the air, it fires straight forward. Either way, the Moto-Fighter can fire while moving forward or backward or while stationary.

All game information is displayed in a bar at the top of the screen. The first line displays the current scome and warming messages. "ALERT" warns that deadly Enemy Aircraft are approaching from the right. "DEFEND" lets you knoe that Enemy Aircraft are close to, or are attacking Sardoun. The information bar will flash from blue to BLACK when Sardoun has been totally destroyed. Your Fuel supply and extra Moto-Fighters are tallied on the second line.

Each game of MEGAFORCE is made up of several, increasingly difficult, "rounds." A round ends when the Enemy Headquarters had been destroyed. Reamaing Moto-Fighters are carried over into each new round. All Objects, Prizes and Fuel are replenished. You must use the Game Select lever to advance to another play level.

One gallon of Fuel is lost for every second of game play. Your Moto- Fighter will flash when its tank is almost empty. Running out of Fuel causes you to lose one Moto-Fighter, as does allowing Sardoun to be destroyed. Moto-Fighters are also lost by carashing into or being shot by Enemy Aircraft and Ground Rockets. Points, Fuel and extra Moto- Fighters are earned by destroying various Objects and Prizes (see below). NOTE: ONCE SARBOUN IS DESTROYED, NO MORE POINTS CAN BE EARNED IN THAT "ROUND" OF THE GAME. The game ends when you run out of Moto- Fighters.