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Melbourne Cup Challenge (also known as Frankie Dettori Racing in Europe) is a horse racing simulation video game based on the Melbourne Cup. It was developed by Sidhe Interactive and was published by Tru Blu Entertainment. The game was released in Australia and New Zealand on October 26, 2006 [1] and 8 December, 2006 for Europe. It was released for PlayStation 2, Xbox and Microsoft Windows.


Multiplayer online play for all platforms, allowing competitive and friendly play over the Internet. Multiple game modes including, career mode, jockey challenge, betting party. In depth Career Mode including auctions, horse breeding, training, and stable management. Highly detailed graphics including realistic horses and jockeys, weather effects, and accurately modelled international race courses. Lifelike horse and jockey animation, motion captured by Weta Digital, the VFX wizards behind The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy.



  • United Arab Emirates
  • Dubai

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