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Metal Gear Solid: Integral is an expanded version of the original game based on the North American localization (substituting the original Japanese voices with the English dub, while offering a choice between Japanese and English captions) which adds further additional features and an extra disc of VR Training missions dubbed the "VR Disc"

Added to the main game are an alternate sneaking suit outfit for Meryl that complements Snake's tuxedo and the red-colored Ninja, a "Very Easy" difficulty setting (where the player begins the game with an MP5 with unlimited ammo and suppressor), a Codec frequency with staff commentary, a First Person View mode, an option for alternate patrol routes for enemies and a downloadable PocketStation minigame.

The "VR Disc" features over 300 stage based missions testing the player's sneaking and fighting skill, as well as less conventional tests, such as murder-mysteries, battling giant genome soldiers, and three missions where the player controls the Cyborg Ninja. Special features includes trailers for Metal Gear Solid, a preview artwork of Metal Gear RAY from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty and a "photoshoot" mode to take pictures of Mei Ling and Naomi. The VR Disc from Integral was released as a separate product outside of Japan — in North America as Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions (September 23, 1999) and in Europe as Metal Gear Solid: Special Missions (October 29, 1999). The European version (Special Missions) requires the player to boot a copy of the original Metal Gear Solid before playing the game, a requirement that was unnecessary in the American VR Missions and Japanese VR Disc.[61] Because of the different hardware and emulation profile, it is due to this disc swapping that the Special Missions are unplayable on Playstation 2 and Playstation 3.

A PC port of Integral was also released in Europe and North America in late 2000 with PocketStation support removed. Scoring 83 in Metacritic's aggregate, the game was criticized for "graphic glitches", the aged nature of the port, and being essentially identical to the PlayStation version.

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