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Metalgun Slinger (メタルガン・スリンガー) is a 2002 game released only in Japan for the Game Boy Advance.


  • Billy MacDoleane (ビリー・マクダレーン)
  • Mabel Munro (メイベル)
  • Doc (ドク)
  • Fay (フェイ)
  • Hawk (ホーク)
  • "Mapiya" (マピヤ)
  • "San Dansu" (サン・ダンス), first boss.
  • "Babagu Gan" (ババグ・ガン), third boss.
  • Sam Oldman (サム・オールドマン), fourth boss.
  • "Mainā Mainā" (マイナー・マイナー), fifth boss.
  • Dalton Nandoval (ダルトン・ナンドヴァル), seventh boss.
  • "Perunogura" (ペルノグラ), second, sixth and eighth boss.
  • Zeed (ズィード), ninth boss.


  • Heaven (Tutorial, stage change three times during game progress)
  • Navanhou (4 stages)
  • Gold Mountain (4 stages)
  • Iron Train (4 stages)
  • Cosmopolitan (4 stages)
  • Land (2 stages)

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