Planet nicknames from the Nintendo DS game Meteos.

Initial planet nicknames unknown because they cannot be fused, hence not appearing on the fusion menu, where the nicknames are displayed. "US/European: Nickname" format.

  • Grannest/Smogor: Machine Land
  • Bavoom: Planet of Wind
  • Jeljel/Magmor: Hot Gel Planet
  • Freaze/Polaria: Planet of Ice
  • Geolyte/Geolitia: Unknown
  • Anasaze: Unknown
  • Firim/Ignius: Unknown
  • Oleana: Unknown
  • Forte: Cracked Planet
  • Cavious/Cavernis: Gaping Maw
  • Mekks: Mechanized Mine
  • Suburbion: Space Homes
  • Gravitas: Supergravity
  • Layazero/Holozero: Electric Sea
  • Boggob/Perilia: Marshy Planet
  • Wuud/Aborea: Great Tree
  • Megadom: Floating Dome
  • Dawndus/Isomnis: Wakeful Land
  • Thirnova/Trinova: Odd Light
  • Gigagush/Vortinia: Space Vortex
  • Hevendor: Odd Realm
  • Brabbit/Aetheria: Gas Party
  • Yuug/Gigantis: Cloud World
  • Hotted/Pyros: White-Hot Land
  • Vubble/Sferia: Foamy Fantasy
  • Wiral/Neuralis: Electro Land
  • Florias: Bloom Planet
  • Globin: Internal World
  • Starii/Stellis: The Goddess
  • Lastar/Candelor: Pure Light
  • Luna=Luna: Twin Moons
  • Meteo: The Culprit

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