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Michael Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City was released by Electronic Arts in 1994 for the Super NES. The game did not sell well and was named in the top ten worst video games in Nintendo Power magazine (issue 100); however, it was noted within the issue that the game was not entirely awful, but the concept itself was deemed ridiculous by many and thus was a part of the criticisms of the game itself. It features Michael Jordan, though unlike the similarly themed Shaq Fu, it is a 2D platformer along the lines of Mario.


The game played much like other 2D platformers of its time, collecting keys and defeating enemies with a variety of different techniques. The player controls Michael Jordan on a quest to save the rest of the players for an All-Star charity game, who have all been kidnapped. The player attacks enemies using different basketballs, each with its own ability; for example, the freeze ball can freeze the ground and create a slippery surface, the bomb ball makes a large explosion, and so on. The player must find keys throughout the game to unlock different doors and rescue teammates. Michael can also slam dunk for a secondary attack. This is also used to activate powerup baskets and various checkpoints along the way.

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