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MicroIllusions, based in Granada Hills, California was a computer game developer and publisher[1] of the home computer era (late 1970s to early 1990s). MicroIllusions, as a company, was a strong supporter of the Commodore Amiga and would typically release a title on that platform before porting it to others. The company went out of business in or about 1990.


  • Transport Controller (animation) (1987) Amiga
  • Photon Paint 1.0 (1987) Amiga
  • Photon Paint 2.0 (1989) Amiga
  • Edit Decision List Processor (film/video production) (1989) Amiga


Faery Tale Adventure II: Halls of the Dead (1997), sometimes credited to MicroIllusions, was completed by The Dreamers Guild, Inc. for various platforms.[7]


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