Midway Studios – Los Angeles Inc. was named Paradox Development, until a 2004 buyout by Midway Games. Paradox Development was a games development studio, responsible for such games as the controversial Thrill Kill and many other PlayStation and more recently Xbox titles.

Paradox was founded in 1994 by Christine Hsu and went on to produce titles for forefront publishers such as Activision, Virgin Interactive (later to be bought by EA), Electronic Arts themselves, Interplay and the Japanese giant, Namco.

This studio was featured in Rampage: Total Destruction.

In 2008 Midway Los Angeles was relocated and merged with Midway's San Diego office. Their last game was the TNA iMPACT! video game.

Developed titles


PlayStation 2


Midway era

After developing most of these titles Paradox Development was acquired by Midway Games in 2004 and subsequently changed its name to Midway Studios – Los Angeles. Whilst working as Midway - Los Angeles the company have produced the following titles,

PlayStation 2


Xbox 360

PlayStation 3

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