How To Make A Raving Rabbid Mii


  • Head:3rd row, 2nd column
  • Hair:3rd page, 4th row, 1st column
  • Eyebrows:3rd row, 3rd column
    • color-2nd row, 1st column
    • rotate-5 times counterclockwise
    • size-4 bigger
    • horizontal-10 wider
    • vertical-7 up
  • Eyes:4th page, 3rd row, 1st column
    • color-2nd row, 1st column
    • rotate-1 clockwise
    • horizontal-8 wider
    • vertical-4 up
  • Nose:2nd row, 3rd column
    • size-2 bigger
    • vertical-2down
  • Mouth:4th row, 2nd column
    • size-4 bigger
    • vertical-2 up
  • Mustache:1st column, 2nd column
    • size-4 smaller
    • vertical-3 up
  • Size:Height-0% Weight-100%
  • Fave color-white

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