Mimana Iyar Chronicle (ミマナ イアルクロニクル Mimana Iaru Kuronikuru?) is an console role-playing game developed by Kogado Studios and Premium Agency. It was published in Japan by GungHo Works on February 26, 2009 and in North America by Aksys Games on March 30, 2010 for the PlayStation Portable.


The game has received generally unfavorable reviews with a Metacritic score of 45%.[1] GameSpot described it as tedious and frustrating.[2]


A down on his lucky mercenary, Crais Sewell, is hired as a bodyguard by a mysterious young girl named Sophie Rothorn. She hired him specifically and she wishes to use him as protection as she travels the world collecting seven gems. As they go along on their quest the soon discover someone else wants to get his hands on the gems, Heidar with the help of his henchman Feide. They are also joined by Melrose(Mel), a sorceress, who wants to dissect Crais to discover the source of the strange magical aura the emanates from him. Not long after they are joined by a warrior, Tinon, who after Crais sees naked, claims she "will follow him until he marries her." Later under bad circumstances, they are joined by Crais' cousin Patty, who is an expert and collector of magical artifacts and healing methods. They embark on a dangerous journey filled with monsters and magic.

Uncredited Voice CastEdit

Crais Sewell - Johnny Yong Bosch

Sophie Rothorn - Laura Bailey

Melrose Kirsch - Karen Strassman

Tinon Elliot - Wendee Lee


Heidar - Liam O'Brien


Dark Knight - Jamieson Price


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