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Many a stout warrior has been left unable to strike a blow against an opponent wearing this shining armor. It takes someone with a strong will to strike at his or her own reflection. While this armor does not offer much in the way of physical protection, it is an excellent defense against magic.

Facts about "Mirrored Armor"RDF feed
Armor Check Penalty0 +
Armor Class1 +
Dexterity Bonus8 +
DisplayNameMirrored Armor +
ElementArmor +
FeatLight Armor +
GamesNeverwinter Nights +
NameMirrored Armor +
NamePageMirrored Armor +
NamesMirrored Armor +
PageNameMirrored Armor +
PageTypeElement +
Spawn IDnw_maarcl002 +
Weight5.0 +

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