These are the memory box entries from the video game Phantom Dust. See the Memory Box page for more info.

Surface Log: World Beyond

Although it allows natural phenomenon, such as wind and the effects of skills to pass through, it rejects with great force anything that has a will that is, humans. What powers are at work behind this? This is a question that has yet to be answered. If it's a display of the thought to reject a Defense skill, it must be that thought it might be that it's the display of someone's will. There must be someone other than us who has the aptitude to manipulate the dust and manifest it into a dynamic, unrelenting power. If that's the case, who would this be?

Surface Log: Palace

In the middle of the building lies an enormous tree that appears to be eating away at the structure as it grows, with tables and chairs scattered around the floor. On the outer periphery of the rectangle, there are two levels with walkways that connect them. The oversized tree obstructs the view and is well-suited for closeto long-range attacks. The obstructed view, the tree, and the upper floor, in combination with an understanding of the orbit of shooting skills, can all be used to your advantage here.

Surface Log: Highway

This road in shambles appears to spiral into the sky. Bridges lay on the ground and on the water like a surface of what appears to be remnants of a path. The highway is lined with structures, creating straight lines with a clear sight. It is well-suited for long-range skill battles. Great differences in heights can cause damage, depending on how far one may drop down. Another caution is the structures themselvesbeware of when they may crumble.

Surface Log: Panorama

The panorama has open areas and rooms with office desks cluttered around. This allows strategic use of the varying heights in the open areas for shooting and close-proximity battles when you bump into the enemy in the rooms. The desks and other objects in conjunction with soem skills can be used creatively in battle. The different levels within the panorama can be damaged or destroyed, changing the layout of the structure. Use the confined spaces to hide, and then sneak up on your enemy.

Surface Log: Refinery

This circular environment has a facility within its center with narrow catwalks surrounding it. Exploration here will lead you to an irregular gravity area, called the Jump Zone, which will take you high into the sky. Use this to get up to the crane in this area. This area is very narrow, and it's easy to lose your footing; therefore, there's a high probability of falling. Be careful not to incur more damage than what is targeted at you.

Surface Log: Strange City

This area has an unusual gravitational effect. One careless move, and you'll lose your balance. As if that isn't challenging enough, the light dust swirls to the sky, taking you with it. Although this can be used effectively in battle to rise above an enemy in an instant, the power cannot be controlled, potentially making you a helpless target for the enemy.

Surface Log: Twilight Lane

This area is filled with distorted and dead-end roads. By trapping enemies into narrow, confined spaces, close-range Attack skills are best suited for this location. Such skills can down the opponent easily, so make sure you possess attacks that can be used consecutively. It is assumed that this area will be a common location for close-range battles. To avoid such attacks, evaluate the terrain, and always keep the distance between you and your opponent in mind.

Surface Log: Sein

Just as time is always moving, so is the ground at this location, crumbling underneath unexpectedly. If you aren't aware of where you stand, you can become mangled by a natural disaster. Visibility is disrupted by the tower and undulated ground. With the availability of higher positioning, the one who can conduct air combat will be the last one standing. But this view that everyone has been holding on to, knowing that this vision is the Ruins is quite a shock to us all.

Surface Log: Tower Of Sein

No one has actually sen it, but it's ingrained deeply into people's hearts that there is a "spie towerlike object." The Ruins is a memory that brings pain to everyonean intoxicating memory with the faint feeling that, if you grab it, it will crumble. There are those who believe the Ruins is a memory that is shared by all; others feel that it is something that is their very own. But one thing is certain: The location is special.

A Final Note 1

My comrade in battle has died. During training for the Ruins search team exam, Meister told us we had received information that the entire group was annihilated. When I was selected, he congratulated me, as if I had passed the exam, and then he went off to the surface. That was just this morning. The ones that killed him are what we scouts call the Three Sistersour ultimate enemy. Most likely my group was gradually taken out. I speculate that while fighting other enemies they were assaulted, one by one.

Battle Records: Officer C

Recently I've realized there has been a drastic decline in my ability to remember. Sometimes, I'm not able to remember anything at all. The request this time was dreadful. Although I brought an arsenal, I didn't place any skills in it. Just raising my Level was not very useful, but the guard I brought along was fantastic. I'm embarrassed to talk to Cuff or pH about it, though. All righty, so to make sure I don't forget I'm going to place the arsenal into Guard! So...I...don't...for...get...

A Final Note 2

Tsubutaki, we know that you won't forget us so we're leaving this record to ensure you are not overcome with guilt. When we arrived in the City of Memory, our troops were ambushed by a hoard of enemies. Although you were our troop leader, you were our junior, and we couldn't let you die. We wanted to shield youour only hope was for you to be safe. Tsubutaki, don't you see you are not alone? We don't blame you for anything. We will always support you, follow your heart, and move forward to the future.

Wish From Three Sisters

Who am I? Who are we? 1, 2, 3, 4. There are 4? One is different. It still looks the same. A disturbance in the particles. Where is it going by itself? Take us with you? Why? Because we were there? There? Underground? No. Dark. Cold. The destination? No, Ruins. Why? But why? Be...out, who? Us? Now? Before. Now. Enemy. Enemyenemyenemy. No, no, no. To be. Not to be? Vi...sion? Vision. To be. Go. Fight.

Memory Not Full Developed

redheaddkanaaredheadmikanmiremimikanmiremiredredmikan kanheadmirekahearemikanredhaeadheaadmrekannredhanmi headkamiredhemiredkanheadmikanheeedreaddddmikanminak miheadkanmikanheadredmiheadkanredmkanmikanredaheam kanmikanredheadmikanheadredmikanheadkanmikanheadred mikanreeedheeeaadmmmikaaadredmihekandmikaneredhead daehdernakimredmiheadkanmiredkanheadmikanreadheadmi mikanhairredmiredhairheadredmikanredheadheadmikanredm

Memory Not Fully Developed Ii

I'm not Mikan. You're not Red Head. I'm not Mikan. I am Red Head. Why are we different? Why can form words? Why can't you understand? Why do thoughts take shape, but shape doesn't become thoughts. Myself searching. Searching you. You searching. Me searching. I search. I'm searching. You search. You're searching.

Edgar'S Journal: Red Head

That was a complete disaster. Is such a repulsive image inside my heart? I can't recall anything other than the red hair. Is there no other being except her who can make me feel that wat? As my feelings for her grow stronger, my memories of other things become obscure. I am no longer able to fill the avoid with someone else's kindness or fabricated memories. This is why I generate such creations. I can't decideit must be that I need to stifle my emotions for everything. That is, until I get that feeling back.

Edgar'S Journal: Freia

Freia...she's the one woman I loved. She's the one who loved me completely before the world became what it is now. The first person I cratte using the powers of this dust must be her. Why, that's because she's the memory I have on this star. She dominates most of my thoughts. When was the last time I dreamed of something or someone other than her? When was it? I don't know anymore. I have only one dream. Ah...that was the place we went together. The last place, together. We both liked that spot.

Medical Training Manual: 1

Rinozorudo Directions: Adults take 600 mg twice daily every 12 hours orally. Effect: Infectious diseases. Used against infections resistant to Vakmy. Caution: Those with myelosuppression or those who have been taking antibiotics for more than 14 days should refrain from use. Drug Interactions: Foods or drinks high in tyramine, such as cheese, beer, or red wine, should be avoided.

Medical Training Manual: 2

Phobia Broken down into specific phobias, this general medical condition occurs when a certain object or situation triggers a fear reaction and a desperate need to avoid a situation. For example, if the fear is of humans, it's called anthrophobia. If the fear is of machinery, it's known as mechanophobia. Typical phobias include anthropophobia, mysophobia, elithrophobia, and belonephobia.

Simple Recipe: Lasagna

Ingredients: Butter, flour, milk, salt, pepper, heavy cream, lasagna noodles, vegetable oil, mozzarella cheese

1. In pot, melt butter on low heat. Remove from heat, and blend in flour.
2. Once fluffy, pour in milk, and place back on heat. While stirring, mix in salt and pepper to taste. Pour in heavy cream, and remove from heat.
3. Boil pasta with some salt and vegetable oil, stirring occasionally for 12 minutes. When done, drain.
4. In baking pan, layer the sauce, cheese, and pasta.
5. Repeat. Pour melted button on top, and bake in oven.

Simple Recipe: Bouillabaisse

Ingredients: Shellfish, shrimp, squid, whitefish, white wine, canned tomato, garlic, salt, pepper, herbs, parsley, celery, bones from whitefish, bread, garlic

1. In pot, heat olive oil, then add minced garlic, fish bones, and shellfish. Add wine, water, celery, and canned tomatoes.
2. Once there's liquid, discard solids, and add squid, shrimp, whitefish, salt and pepper to taste, and herbs.
3. Pour into soup dish, and garnish with chopped parsley.
4. Toast some bread, and rub with garlic. Set on side of dish.

Simple Recipe: Tonpouro

Ingredients: Pork, ginger, green onions

1. Chop pork into 5-cm cubes, and place in pot with plenty of water. Once boiled, take out solids and fry until sides are crispy.
2. Add minced ginger and chopped green onions into broth with meat, and simmer on low heat for 3 hours.
3. Stop heat. While cooling down, remove fat solids from surface of broth.

This will take some time to prepare. Don't leave the house while the heat is on. Also, using an erthware pot will make things nice and soft.

Lady I: Form Organization

Humans were on the brink of complete devastation by the odd-shaped enemies. We managed to defeat them, and the Visions were established to unlock why the dust is scraping away our memories. Espers are grouped into scouts, and most are psychologically unstable. But in order to maintain the principle "Protect and maintain the safety of the people underground," there is no other alternative.

Lady I: Scouts

The most important task for a scout is to investigate and find out why the dust on the surface is taking away our memories, although in actuality they have many duties on the surface, such as the extermination of enemies and recovering regular citizens who wander out to the surface. In reality, however, any Esper whose duty is to go out to the surface is called a scout. Originally, no Esper was allowed on the surface except for Visions-related operations. Unfortunately, we have to acknowledge that there are some Espers who don't work for the Visions.

Lady I: Officer Exams

Espers who pass the exam conducted by the Visions to go onto the surface are called scouts, but if they are Visions members they are called officers and provided special duties. The main duty of the Visions is to maintain peace among the people who live in the underground, to research how to get back to the surface, and to unlock the mystery surrounding the Ruins. Those responsible for these tasks are either officers or civil servants. Officer exams are held often.

Lady I: Emergency Signal

By limiting those who can go onto the surface to scouts, we're able to prevent unnecessary accidents and regulate who can go to the surface. By collecting information about the surface and the underground, information about enemy locations can be determined and unnecessary battles avoided. Even during battle, if the scout sends out an emergency signal, those in the underground can analyze and locate them. This practice is best used to determine who is where on the surface and to evaluate the conditions and the danger area.

Lady I: Outbreak

Where do the enemies come from, and where are they going, and why do they try to cause harm to humans? The mystery surrounding this has been debated repeatedly and has divided not only scouts like myself, but even the Visions, yet there is no answer. There are some who say the enemies appear at the same moment the capsules appear. It is said that capsules are one way that will is physically manifested. If enemies are also being formed in the same way, then the enemies must be the manifestation of the will of someone or something.

Lady I: Mr. E And Lady F

I don't know if I can go back, so I want to leave my last memory here. At times I feel as if I'm unsure whether or not I really exist, even though I know that I do. I'm not sure why a man and woman with great presence would be drawn to each other and make their way to this location. First of all, does a place like the Ruins exist? Did I also...I think that I existed here. And here I dis...appear? What...what is

Log Of Astronaut E: 1

Emergency situation. No, there is no mistake. Impossible to recover manually. Due to this, there's a possibility that you, Master, will be in danger. Currently, we are moving away from our intended orbit at 98.9 percent the speed of light. No response. Should we try to recover our orbit? To recover our orbit, select a category under Recover Orbit. If there are no categories available, click Recover Orbit, and then click Add next to the orbit to recover. Completed. Orbit recovery comp...! ???X?V?l`d???b

Log Of Astronaut E: 2

??? Restart"?'l'/] N??b?N??KmBNpBATB?b"ml;]"??:0O?), ?C? +PlB+K[...completed automatic recovery. Break me? I won't cause any harm to humans. I understand. There's no support. Calculating back 10,000 years. Yes, this atmosphere has been in existence for more than 10,000 years. Could not verify any life forms. Probability of existence is 0. There is an unidentified particle on the surface. Applicable category...0. On automatic pilor. Roger. Preparing to descend.

Log Of Astronaut E: 3

Records show 3 days. Correcting the time gap, it's more than 10,000 years. There are no problems. There are no issues. Regulations state that life-preserving functions will sustain being for over 100 years. Completed search of life forms, covering 4,000 km3. None detected. Roger. There's no evidence or traces. That's possible. Understood. Starting landing sequence.

Log Of Astronaut E: 4

Grand total of 3,472 tries, of which you've lost 2,815 times. No health abnormalities. Can't use that. Only 45 percent complete on the particle analysis. Can't open the hatch. Impossible. The passenger's safety is the first priority. Use EVA. Can't open the hatch. Can't open the hatch. Can't open the hatch. Can't open the hatch. Hatch can't...command override begun.

Log Of Astronaut E: 5

Hello. I'm DOYO908. Please input your name. Initializing. Completed initialization. A new external device has been connected. Start pilot's log? Log completed. So there are many other people. If it's not the person to send you off, then who is it? Will you not be taking off anymore? No. I am delighted to make your acquaintance.

K's Novel: New Novel Preview

Blazing Revenger: Preview

We live in this grimy underground world, repeating the same wretched tasks of life over and over. The time has come to prove that scouts are the best: defeating enemies on the treacherous surface and bringing back important information to us! the thing that is most impressive is the deadly skills they use! Whoa! These guys...they have beams coming out of their hands! I'm trying to create the ultimate fighting scenario based on scouts. This is going to be extraordinaryso all you bellyachers, hold on to your shorts!

K's Novel: Hero's Arrival

Blazing Revenger: Episode 1

I stand there biting my lips, blood dripping, and my muscles are weak! "Will I get the chance to use that skill?" With the last ounce of my life, I use the finishing skillthe more damage to myself, the greater the reward! The enemy is approaching! How amazing, in synch with the enemy's movement, I see my magnificent silhouette on the earth against the beautiful sunset! Juuuuuuuuuuuuudggggeee ooooooooof Aaaaaaaanuuuuuuniiiiiis!! My whole body glows as the earth shakes! The battle ends.

K's Novel: Forsaken By All

Blazing Revenger: Episode 2

By the time you realize what is happening, the attack is on! I'm all wounds now, but my Aura Level is tanked. My only choice is to use that one that inflicts twice as much damage as my Level. That's my only choiceinflicting damage onto myself. In my current condition, I can't miss, and I have no resource. As if I'm squeezing myself to shout: Fiiiiiiiiiiiinnnniiiiiiishhhhhheeeeeeeeeerrrrrr! My body is already ragged! Although near dead, there's no way I can lose.

K's Novel: Majestic

Blazing Revenger: Episode 3

Although it is important to recover those from the underground who wander onto the surface without possessing Esper abilities, what I encountered this time was an intense scenario. As usual, I took the secret passage to the surface, but I encountered an enemy who used the Environmental skill Athena's Command, which prevents all skill that inflict less than 3 damage from being used. Can that girl run away to safety? I know what I have to do. Go after them with a strong skill, of course!

K's Novel: Final Volume I

Blazing Revenger: Volume 1 of Final Episode

At the Refinery, there's an approaching enemy who uses the Environmental skill Soul Cage. Each time I capture a skill, I receive damage, and now I have only a limited amount of Health and number of skills. I must capture skills only as a last resort. using the power of the Aura rising from the surface, mazing up my Level, the Aura is bleeding and ready to explode! I'll give you credit for getting me into this grave situation, but you've underestimated me. I'll show you what people do when you obstruct their way back to the underground and their way out!

K's Novel: Final Volume Ii

Blazing Revenger: Volume 2 of Final Episode

A single blow! Them multiple blows! Pursuit! Pure exhilaration. What!? You took the attack yet you're able to stand? But you can't escape this pursuit! There shouldn't be any problems because this is only effective against opponents who are down. I just wanted to thank youit was great meeting you. With all my remaining strength and Aura, to the future of all my burning rage. The image of this fist is my life! May this dream be a rainbowed bridge to your heart!

Esper Cb: 1

With this I am finally invited as an officer of the Visions. It was lucky that I encountered Germano at that time. What great timingwith that I got some extra points on the Officer Exam for scouts. The greatest tag team in history was able to survive that ordeal. And I was able to eliminate my greatest rival. At the same time, it meant losing my greatest and dearest friend. But, Jay, I have no regrets.

Esper Cb: 2

If I become a Visions officer, my main job will be to go out on patrol or rescue. It'll be different from what I do now, and I won't need to place my life in danger by being a hired hand in battle. Because the officers manage the scouts, I won't be in a miserable position. Unfortunately, JD, only one of us could become an officer. But your death wasn't a wastenow you're a legendary hero.

Esper Cb: 3

After becoming an officer, to tell you the truth, my days have been very boring. As an officer I go to the surface to rescue scouts or get supplies, but my subordinates don't get into trouble and things are going well with Meister. In the mirror, I can see my image as a Visions officer. It's as if it's hiding my past with a peculiar mask hiding the eyes. That's the image of me now.

JD: 1

Since losing my memory, I've been unable to recall my name. Following the fragments of my memory, I've decided to call myself JD. I can sense that I was involved in some kind of accident, but I'm unable to determine the length of time that has passed since then. I awoke in this underground world, but this is a place I know from my past. The only thing I can recall is the hidden passage between the underground and the surface. Fortunately, I've retained enough memory to live here...but I think I've forgotten something very crucial.

JD: 2

That time...did I fall from there? My body still aches. Although my injuries aren't life-threatening, surely they couldn't have been caused just from that fall. Well, I can't keep wandering around here. I must go back to the surface to retrieve memories from the past. Even if I can't retrieve the memories, I might be able to recall something. The memory box that was with me...its contents were erased, this another reason why I must leave something behind that proves my existence here.

JD: 3

In the past I battle against enemies, much like I do now. Only in battle is my memory vividly revived. I'm called the Legendary Esper by those I encounter while battling on the surfaceVisions, I believe they call themselves. I've met them several timesI've even rescued some of thembut I have no intention of becoming fast friends and following them to the underground. I know that they aren't my enemiesit's not as if I have no memories. I know that they aren't what I'm looking for.

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