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Monsters, Inc. Scare Island (known in North America as Monsters, Inc. Scream Team and Japan as Monsters, Inc. Monster Academy) is an action game based on the Disney/Pixar film Monsters, Inc. developed by Artificial Mind and Movement for the PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and Microsoft Windows.

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fr:Monstres et Cie : L'Île de l'épouvante

Stats Enemies Urban Toy Train (City Park) Moving Toy Car and Controller (Downtown) Blocks Digger (Downtown and the Docks) Toy Mouse with Key (The Docks and The Market Place) Ailen Top (City Park and The Market Place) Desert Scorpion Hammer (All) Lizard (The Sfinks) Toy Puppet Snake (The Oaisis, The Tomb and The Pyramid) Toy UFO (The Oaisis and The Tomb) Arctic Snowman with Broom/Snow Ball (All) Exploding Clock (Sugar Shack and The Iceburg) Peinguin (The Ske Lift and Hot Springs) Giant Pink Pirahnas (The Ske Lift and The Iceburg) Upgrades Urban Trampoline Desert Whirl Speed Arctic Boomerang Circle

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