Mortal Kombat Cast of Characters

Daniel Pesina as Johnny Cage

Richard Divizio as Kano

Carlos Pesina as Raiden

Ho Sung Pak as Liu Kang

Daniel Pesina as Scorpion

Daniel Pesina as Sub-Zero

Elizabeth Malecki as Sonya

Ho Sung Pak as Shang Tsung

Goro Character Design By

John Tobias

Stop Motion Miniature by

Curt Chiarelli

Mortal Kombat Design Team

Design and Software

Ed Boon

Design and Graphics

John Tobias

Music and Sounds

Dan Forden

Background Graphics

John Vogel

Executive Producers

Neil Nicastro

Ken Fedesna

Senior Hardware Technician

Sheridan Oursler

Cabinet Design

Ray Czajka

Special Thanks To

Warren Davis

Pat Cox

Cary Mednick

Alison Quant

George Petro

Jim Greene

Paul Neimeyer

Pam Erikson

Mark Penacho

Jack Haeger

Jon Hey

Jamie Rivett

Bill Dabelstein

Scott Slomiany

John Newcomer

Sal Divita

Roger Sharpe

Joshua Sharpe

Zachary Sharpe

Paul Heitsch

Eddie Ferrier

Jeff Johnson

Raymond Gay

Tony Goskie

John Mccaffer

Peg Burr

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