Mortimer Beckett is a video game series that consists of three games so far. All the games are adventure games, or point 'n clicks.

The main plot is always to find items to advance to higher chapters. Also, you can use items called "puzzle pieces" which will let you interact with other characters, items, or animals. In the first two games, the objects are broken down into pieces and scattered throughout the different sections of chapters. In the third game the only difference is that pieces are not broken down, making it more like an I Spy game.

The three games so far are:

- Mortimer Beckett and the Secrets of Spooky Manor, in which Mortimer helps his uncle to get rid of ghosts, by retrieving pieces of the Ghost Machine which have been hidden all over the manor. The cut scenes are 2D and read like a comic book. This game has also been made into a game for Nintendo Wii.

- Mortimer Beckett and the Time Paradox, in which Mortimer has to travel through time to retrieve pieces of a timebomb that fell through a portal in his uncle's manor. The cut scenes are 2D, in which Mortimer falls into the next timezone.

- Mortimer Beckett and the Lost King, in which Mortimer has to find the eight jewels of the crown, with which he can find the lost king. The cut scenes are 3D, in which Mortimer walks towards the next scene.

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