Mr. Jones is a character from the squad-based multi-platform shooter, Freedom Fighters. He was about to be apprehended by Soviet soldiers during the attack until Christopher Stone saves him. Mr. Jones leads Chris to safety, into a rebel base. Jones acts as the mission coordinator until they manage to rescue their normal leader, Isabella Angelina.

Jones is 60 years old and knowledgeable in guerilla combat thanks to his military background. Instead of an active soldier, he serves mostly as an informant to the Freedom Fighters. His information helps them decide where to strike, and how.

When Christopher's brother, Troy Stone, is executed, Jones insists on sending Chris on an assassination mission as revenge. After Chris successfully kills General Tatarin of the Soviet Army, he comes back to find the rebel base abandoned, wiped out, and full of Soviet soldiers. Mr. Jones has been a Soviet general all along, disguising his accent and taking up a fake name. This is the reason he has so much important information on the Soviet army.

It can be assumed that Jones gave the whereabouts of Troy Stone. It can also be assumed that the reason he let Chris assassinate a popular general was so that he could take over the Soviet Army. This is exactly what happens, as he is given control during the funeral of General Tatarin.

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