Mr. Kougar is an arcade game released by Artic in 1984. It shares gameplay similarities with other games like Zzyzzyxx and Kaos.


Bouncing through the barriers, dodging Banalets and clearing the obstacles... Will he open the ark? What's on it? A Banalet? A good fairy? Or "energy"?


The game involves Mr. Kougar having to eat all the dots of the pattern. The dots are distributed on several moving platforms, who also are the favourites places of the Banalets, the Kougar's enemies. Touching one of the several eggs that can be seen on the screen will turn Mr. Kougar invencible, will led a fairy out (killing any enemies she touch in her way to the top of the screen) or will free a Banalet, adding one more enemy to Kougar.


  • A bootleg was released by Gross. The in-game text is in German and the copyright reads "(c) Gross 1954" (!).