Mulan (known as "Ping" when she is disguised as a man) is the main character from the Disney movie "Mulan". She appears in Kingdom Hearts II as an ally in The Land of Dragons. She has a guardian dragon named Mushu.

Kingdom Hearts

When Sora, Donald, and Goofy first arrive in the Land of Dragons, they meet Mushu and catch up with him, and they meet a man named "Ping" who is trying to get into army, which only allows guys (Ping reveals that she is actually a female named Mulan). Mulan wants to carry on her father's legacy by joining in the ranks, so she disguises herself as a male.


Eventually, they are able to get to the training camp, and end up getting into a fight with some of the other recruits. After being rejected by the Captain, Li Shang, Mulan wants to prove her worth by taking on a series of challenges. After they successfully complete the challenges, Li Shang the recruits head out to scout the nearby snow-capped mountains. Mulan reveals to the Captain that she knows where Shan-Yu is.

Eventually they reach a cave that has been overrun with Heartless, and once they escape they manage to cause an avalanche that almost kills everyone. In the mean-time, the entire training camp has been destroyed by Shang-Yu and his army, Mulan is discovered that she is not a man and is throw out of the army along with Sora, Donald, and Goofy. After they overhear Shan-Yu's yell from a far distance they go to warn Li Shang, who in turn, doesn't believe her.

Shan-Yu's companion, Hayabusa, is found soaring over the village and Li Shang realized that Mulan wasn't lying. They dash off to the castle, ready to protect the emperor at all costs.

Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Mulan manage to save the emperor by defeating Shang-Yu, and in return, the entire population cheers for the heroes. Li Shang and Mulan make up their differences and the emperor presents Mulan the sword of Shan-Yu.

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